wxmgr cm

vncmgr: Usage Message

      "wxmgr cm ..." is the utility for performing configuration management
      actions.  To use configuration management, you need to be in the
      server-working directory (SWD) of the current project.
      To work with a non-default queue name, either set the NC_QUEUE
      environment variable to the target queue name or use either of the
      "-queue" or "-q" arguments.

        % wxmgr cm [-queue|-q QUEUE] <ACTION> [ARGUMENTS]

ACTIONS: (arguments are either <>=required or []=optional)

        add       <FILE>  -- Add a file to the repository.
        cat       [-r REVISION] <FILE>
                          -- Display contents of a file.
        commit    <-m "MSG"> [FILE]
                          -- Commit changes to the repository.
        del       <FILE>  -- Delete a file from the repository.
        diff      [-r REVISION] <FILE>
                          -- Display local changes.
        help              -- Display this help.
        init              -- Initialize repository.
        ls        [-v] <FILE>
                          -- List managed files.
                             Use -v to also show file status.
        open              -- Open a repository and check out files to the
                             current working directory.
        quickstart        -- Initialize repository and add most common files.
                             Typically done on a single queue to act as
        revert    [FILE]  -- Roll back local changes.
        status            -- Show status of the local checkout.
        timeline  [FILE]  -- Show timeline of changes.
        undo      [FILE]  -- Undo previous update or revert action.
        update    [-r REVISION] [FILE]
                          -- Update local file(s) with the latest from the
                             repository, or a specific revision.

      NOTE: For configuration management, you must be in the server working
      directory (SWD) of the project being managed.
      If you are unsure of this, please run the following commands:
      % vovproject enable <project_name>
      % cd `vovserverdir -p .`

        % wxmgr cm quickstart
        % wxmgr cm init
        % wxmgr cm add policy.tcl
        % wxmgr cm commit -m "Added new tasker." taskers.tcl
        % wxmgr cm add scripts/myscript.tcl
        % wxmgr cm commit -m "Added custom script to CM"