Set Browser

The Set Browser allows you to list and edit the sets defined in the graph.

A set is a named collection of nodes. Some sets are managed by the system, others are based on Selection Rules, and still others are created as a side effect of certain operations such as starting a retrace.

In the Set Browser panel, the sets are organized into 4 classes:

Predefined sets, all of which are based on selection rules. These sets are most commonly used in the interaction with FlowTracer. For example, the set "Stuff to do" consists of all the jobs that are not VALID, while the set "Failed jobs" consists of all the jobs with status equal to FAILED. Initially these sets do not exist and show as black color. When one of these set names is double-clicked, the real set is created and the color turns blue.
System sets are internal to the server. They are read-only sets. Among the most useful system sets you have: "All nodes" "All jobs" "All files". There is no selection rule associated with system sets.
Temporary sets are generated by activities such as starting a retrace and viewing a set of nodes.
User defined sets are all the other sets. They are listed in alphabetical order and grouped by the first letter of the set name.

Select a Set

  1. To select a set, double-click on its name.
    The set is recomputed and up-to-date set is drawn on the Set Viewer.
  2. Predefined sets are defined on vovconsole for convenience. The sets can be deleted or modified. Vovconsole will keep the set names as disabled when they are deleted. Double-click a predefined set.
    The sets are created again.
  3. If the set is based on Selection Rules, you can use the Refresh Set button to update the set display, meaning that the nodes in the set are recomputed on the basis of the selection rule.

Create a New Set

  1. To create a new set, click Sets > New to open the dialog shown here.

    Figure 1.
  2. Specify a name and a selection rule.
  3. To have the new set be a subset of the currently selected set, click Subselect from.
  4. Click on the Directory tab.
    The Set Browser turns into a specialized Directory Browser. This allows you to browse the directories of your design and to create temporary sets on the fly consisting of jobs and files contained in or below a particular subdirectory. Single-click on the right arrow symbol to expand a directory and on the down arrow symbol to collapse it. Double-click on the directory name to create or update the set of all jobs and files contained in that directory.

Forget a Set

Forgetting a set does not affect the existence of its elements. Only the container is gone, not the contents.
Note: You cannot forget the system sets.
  1. Select the sets to forget by clicking on them (use Ctrl-click and Shift-click to extend the selection) and then click Sets > Forget.
  2. You can forget the predefined sets, but the hierarchical element for that set still remains in the Set Browser. Double-clicking on that element will recreate the corresponding set.