Capsule Post-Processing

Sometimes, not all inputs and outputs of a job can be computed by the capsule at start time. Therefore, you may need to do some processing after the tool has finished. Since the capsule is evaluated before the invocation of the tool, FlowTracer provides a hook for you to perform post-processing.

If you define the Tcl procedure VovCapsulePostProcessing, it is called immediately after the encapsulated tool has completed.

This procedure is called with a single argument jobId, which is the VovId of the current job. When this procedure is invoked, the job is still in the RUNNING status. All Tcl and vtk procedures are available in the context of this procedure.

## This procedure must be defined in the capsule code,## i.e. in the file  vov_TOOLNAME.tcl 

proc VovCapsulePostProcess { jobId } { 
    # -- Declare extra outputs for the current transition.
    set outputs [glob  -nocomplain *.V??]
    foreach out $outputs {
        set placeId [vtk_place_get_or_create FILE $out] 
        vtk_output_declare $jobId $placeId