Clean Directories

The tool vovcleandir is used to delete unused files.

vovcleandir analyzes the directories passed as arguments and then enters an interactive loop in which you can choose to:
  • list all files to be removed
  • remove all or only selected files
  • quit
With the option -force, vovcleandir removes all unused files without asking for further input.
% vovcleandir -help
% vovcleandir
% vovcleandir -force
% vovcleandir *.vhdl
With the option -all, vovcleandir checks all known directories for unused stdout and stderr files.
% vovcleandir -all


Clean up directories of all UNKNOWN files.

vovcleandir: Usage Message

    Clean-up directories of all UNKNOWN files.

    vovcleandir [options] [file_or_directory] ...

   -h -help        -- Print this message
   -silent         -- Do not print the list of the deleted files.
   -force          -- Cleanup (delete) UNKNOWN files without asking 
                      for confirmation.
   -all            -- Cleanup all directories in which jobs are run

   If you do not indicate any file, this utility tests all ./.std.* 
   and all vovstd/* files.

   Each file_or_directory argument is expanded according 
   to glob rules.

  % vovcleandir -help
  % vovcleandir .
  % vovcleandir -force 
  % vovcleandir -all
  % vovcleandir *.vhdl

  vovcleanup     -- to cleanup old log files from host and project
  nc clean       -- to cleanup old files generated by NetworkComputer