Navigate the Flow Graph

Navigating the flow graph means moving from one node to another following the input/output dependencies.

You can follow the graph up and down the cone.

Activate the Navigate dialog in one of the following ways in the GUI:
  • From the Node Editor, click the Compass icon
  • From the Set Viewer, move over a node, right-click to get a pop-up context menu and click Connectivity > Navigate.

Figure 1.

A window opens that shows the node in focus within the center of the display, with a pane above showing the inputs for the node, and a pane below showing the outputs of the node.

Navigate up or down the cone by double-clicking on one of the inputs or outputs listed in the panes. This shifts the node in focus to the one you double-clicked on. It becomes the node in the center and its inputs and outputs are listed in the two panes.

A right-click on an input or output pops up a context menu where you can choose to edit, navigate, or detach the node. Check the on-line help (<F1>) for more instructions.

At the command line, enter a CLI command to provide information to allow for similar navigation up and down the dependency cone.
%  vsx [node-ID]