Flow Library

FlowTracer captures your design in design flows described by Flow.tcl files. The Flow Library is meant to help users locate and deploy instances of packaged flows bound to their specific design data.

Flow Library Components

The Flow Library consists of three main components:

Component Description
addflow.cgi Browser-based wizard to guide user
vovflowcompiler Script to package information about a flow
vovflowlib Tcl library procedures for packaged flows

How to Package a Flow for the Flow Library

The information about a flow is extracted from the prepared Tcl description of the flow and placed in a file with a .pp extension. This file is placed in the Flow Library directory structure so that information about the flow may be presented in the browser.

You package a flow for the library by placing some procedures from the Tcl library vovflowlib.tcl in your regular Flow.tcl file that defines the steps of the flow, then run vovflowcompiler, which produces and optionally installs the .pp file.

How to Select and Deploy a Flow from the Flow Library

Point your browser to the home page of your FlowTracer project and click the Add Flow button at the bottom, or go directly to the AddFlow browser-based UI to add a flow. Follow the steps outlined on the left-hand side of the browser pages.