Flow Library Procedures

This section documents the procedures for use with vovflowcompiler, the tool for packaging Flow.tcl scripts for inclusion in the Flow Library. You use these procedures in the Flow.tcl file you submit to vovflowcompiler to assign values to the metadata about the flow. These metatdata values are displayed to the user when they browse the Flow Library using the Add Flow CGI script.

These are the procedures:
Tcl Procedure Description
Description Assign the description of the purpose of a flow
Keywords Assign the keywords associated with a flow
Parameter Assign characteristics of a parameter of flow. The facets you can assign are:
  • Default value
  • Documentation string
  • Valid range
  • Data type
  • List of choices for a select type parameter
  • Field width
GetAllParametersFromTk Get flow parameters from a Tcl/Tk application
GetAllPararametersFromHTML Get flow parameters from a browser-based application
GetAllParametersFromCLI Get flow parameters from a command-line application
RequiredFile Test for presence of file needed by flow, copy from sample if any
RequiredDirectory Test whether a directory needed by the flow exists