Altair FlowTracer and ClearCase

Here is a list of suggestions to keep in mind when working in a ClearCase environment.
  • The most important tool in ClearCase is called cleartool. Most users create an alias called "ct" or "cl". We only use the full name cleartool.
  • Add the path to cleartool to the BASE environment. It often is in /usr/atria/bin.
  • We support "single-view" projects. You have to start the server AFTER setting the view.
    % cleartool setview  MYVIEWNAME
    % vovproject start MYPROJECTNAME
  • You need to know that to execute a command in a view you can use the following syntax:
    % cleartool setview -exec "COMMAND"  MYVIEWNAME

    This is what we do in vovtaskerstartup to start a vovtasker in the requested view.

Version Extended and View Extended Dependencies

For files in the VOBS, FlowTracer can track both.
  • The version extended name (Example: /aa@@/main/3). These files will never change timestamp.
  • The view extended name (Example: /view/MYVIEW/aa These files may change timestamp.
This capability is activated by setting the variable VOVCLEARCASE to the value ENABLED. We recommend you do this in the setup.tcl file.
# Add this line to the setup.tcl file.