Node Editor

By default, the Node Editor has six tabs :
  • Job
  • Annotations & Properties
  • Why?
  • O:Stdout
  • O:Stderr
  • O:Log

Add Tabs in the Node Editor

To add new tabs in the Node Editor, use the procedures ::VovGUI::addOutputTab and ::VovGUI::addInputTab . These procedures require 3 arguments:
  1. The label to be given to the tab.
  2. The regular expression to match the file to be displayed.
  3. A special expression to determine if the tab is to be displayed. This expression can take one of the following forms:
    Show tab always
    Show tab only for jobs that use tool 'toolname'.
    Show tab only for jobs with a command line that contains the string 'string'.
    Show tab for jobs whose tool matches 'value'. Example TOOL~spice
    Show tab for jobs whose command line matches 'value'.
    Show tab for jobs whose environment matches 'value'.
    Show tab for jobs whose status (in string format) matches 'value'.
Here is an example of a gui.tcl file.
# Fragment of gui.tcl
# Show the VNC log file for all jobs that have tool equal to "vwrap"
::VovGUI::addOutputTab "vnclog"  {/vnc_logs/[0-9]+/[0-9]+\.[0-9]+$}  "-vwrap"
::VovGUI::addOutputTab "Err"     {/.*\.err$}                         "+"
::VovGUI::addOutputTab "Log"     {/.*\.log$}                         "+"
::VovGUI::addInputTab  "C-src"   {\.c$}                             "-gcc"