Project Creation Command

To create a new project, use the vovproject create command.
% vovproject create -type <type> -port <port> -dir ftadmin <projectname>
Option Description
-type Select the project type which influences only the creation of a new project; the initialization of the project configuration files. These files control the project environment, tasker machines, users, security, etc., and are copied from the project type directory to the configuration files of the newly-created project.

The standard project types are usually augmented by the site administrator to include ones specific to your site's work environment. This reduces the need for users to configure their own projects. The types are defined as subdirectories in $VOVDIR/local/ProjectTypes.

If no specific type is named, the new project will receive the template configuration files from the generic type. The following standard project types are available:

Project Type Description
generic The default type. Specialized for FlowTracer.
licmon Specialized for Monitor. Only use lmmgr start to create a Monitor project. This LM-specific management command also checks that auxiliary daemons and scripts are up-to-date. The vovproject command does not check.
vnc Specialized for Accelerator. Use ncmgr to create a Accelerator project because it also creates the necessary entry in the NC_CONFIG_DIR directory (usually $VOVDIR/local/vncConfig) and sets up the jobs database.
licadm Specialized for an older form of RTDA licensing based on VovServer, now replaced by RLM.

More types can be added by creating new subdirectories and by modifying the template configuration files in the directory for that project type. Start a new project type by copying the configuration files from the "$VOVDIR/../common/etc/ProjectTypes/generic" type, and change them to suit the needs at your site.

For example, you might create a Simulation type, or a PhysicalDesign type, with specific tasker machines.

-port Choose a port number for the project. It is required that each project running on a host has a unique port; this is an operating system restriction. By default, the port number is computed automatically by hashing the project name into the range 6200-6255. It is possible for two project names to map to the same port. Such port collisions are handled by searching upward in the registry (starting at 7200) until an open port is found.
Note: To run multiple projects concurrently on the same host, ensure they use different ports.
-dir Choose the directory where you want to store all administration files for the project. The directory in which the vovserver program is launched is called the server working directory. The server working directory contains the control database as well as all the project specific files.

By default, the server working directory is ~/vov on UNIX and $VOVDIR/swd on Windows. For very important projects, the server working directory is explicitly set in an area where it can be subject to the same revision control methods as all the rest of the design data. In such cases, the directory is often called vovadmin.

You also need to consider the canonical name of the server working directory. For further information, refer to Canonical and Logical File Names.

<projectname> Choose a name for the project. The project name can be any alphanumeric string, such as: cpu, badge, MicroProcessor, mike, xyz99. The name is case sensitive. Special characters, underscores "_" and dashes "-" are allowed.

The name of the project and the host must each be 100 characters or less.

The following strings are not allowed as project names: "unknown" "none".

The project name is used to compute the default port number used by the vovserver program to listen for connections. See above for restrictions on the port number.

Below is an example of creating a project using the default port number, the default type generic, and the default working directory:
% vovproject create test
Creating a new project:
Directory /Users/designerabc/vov
Type      generic
Name      test
Port      automatic
vovproject 11/11/2015 07:28:30: message: Creating directory /Users/designerabc/vov/test.swd/.
vovproject 11/11/2015 07:28:30: message: Created setup file '/Users/designerabc/vov/test.swd/setup.tcl'
vovproject 11/11/2015 07:28:30: message: Copying initial DB config file...
vovproject 11/11/2015 07:28:36: message: Starting a VovServer
for project    test@mac05.local
vovserver Nov 11 07:28:36 VOV server MacOS/2015.11 Nov  5 2015 09:17:16
Copyright © 1995-2021, Altair Engineering
vovserver Nov 11 07:28:36 Version MacOS/2015.09 Nov  5 2015 08:55:57 Copyright © 1995-2021, Altair Engineering
vovserver Nov 11 07:28:36 Project was started on: Thu Nov 11 07:28:36 2015
vovserver Nov 11 07:28:36 The server port is 6392
vovserver Nov 11 07:28:36 Running with capacity 256
vovserver Nov 11 07:28:36 ###########  READY TO RECEIVE port=6392  ###########
vovserver Nov 11 07:28:36 The server pid is 41613
vovserver Nov 11 07:28:36 << Redirecting output  /Users/designerabc/vov/test.swd/logs/server.2015.11.11.log >>