Each Project Needs a Server Host

When you create a project, you start up the FlowTracer system which runs an instance of the vovserver program. You should pick a host to run the vovserver program that has resources to run the system efficiently.

The vovserver program can run on a host that meets the following requirements:
  • The host has access to all the jobs (executables) and their input and output files, directly or through network filesystems (such as NFS).
  • The host has adequate main memory: at least 64MB of RAM for traces with 20,000 files in the trace -each node in the trace uses about 1kB of RAM.

If the majority of the project files are stored in file systems residing on a single host (the file server), then the vovserver program is best run on that host to avoid possible complications due to NFS or unsynchronized clocks. If internal policies or technical reasons discourage running the vovserver program on the host holding the majority of files, then any other host can be used.

The combination of host:port used for a project must be unique among all running instances of the vovserver program. It is not recommended to start vovserver programs with the same project name on different hosts; this leads to confusion for the users. However, running multiple instances of the vovserver program with different project names on the same host is an acceptable practice.