Get Status of a Project

The quickest way to get a status of a project is to use vsi.

vsi: Usage Message

    Print basic information about a project.
    Also useful to test whether a VOVserver
    is running or not.

    % vsi [options]

    -help              -- This message.
    -width <N>         -- Size of command line strings (default 50).
    -j                 -- Show the most recent 6 jobs of mine.

    % vsi
    % vsi -j
    % vsi -width 100
    % vsi -w 100

Get a Report About a Project

Another method to get a report for a project is with the report subcommand of vovproject. By default, this command computes a report for the whole trace, i.e. the set of all nodes, which is called "System:nodes"

% vovproject report
  Project lucca1@lucca report on Thu Aug 13 09:42:17 PDT 2015
  Set System:nodes
        Jobs      :  2
            valid :  2
          invalid :  0
           failed :  0
          not run :  0
        Job Time  :  2s
          average :  1s
          longest :  1s
   First Job Start:  Thu Aug 13 02:23:28 PDT 2015
      Last Job End:  Thu Aug 13 02:23:30 PDT 2015
       Elapse Time:  2s

             Files:  6
    No FAILED jobs.
    No INVALID jobs.
    The 2 longest jobs in set 'System:nodes'
     VALID    1s         vw cp bb.txt cc.txt                                    
     VALID    1s         vw cp aa.txt bb.txt                                    
      ...more output omitted...
You can also request a report for a specific set.
% vovproject report Some:set:name
... output omitted...