Unexpected Dependency Graph

Check File System Synchronization

A common problem with many networks becomes apparent to users only when FlowTracer is deployed, which makes it appear like a "FlowTracer problem" when it is not. The problem is a possible lack of synchronization between the clocks of the computers in your network. FlowTracer will not schedule and deploy jobs as expected if timestamps are not consistent, because the server host and the file system host have timestamps that are out of sync. Test this synchronization with the following command:
% vovguru -T . # Do not forget the dot "."
vovguru Oct 19 17:57:18 Filesystem . seems OK (deltaT=0)

If you get a response like the one shown above, with deltaT=0, you are OK.

If deltaT is not 0, you have a synchronization problem. Solve this problem in the following ways:
  • Change host so that you are using the same machine for the FlowTracer server and the file server.
  • Ask your system admin to keep the network clocks synchronized.