vovwxd Daemon Configuration Parameters

set CONFIG(driver_script)
Tcl script that provides the vovwxd daemon with the information on integrating with a base queue.​
Accelerator (vovnc.tcl) and PBS (vovpbs.tcl) are provided and supported.​
set CONFIG(queues)
A space-separated list of base queues to use for submitting tasker requests. Used for Accelerator base queues only.​
set CONFIG(cmd,env)
A default named environment to use for the launcher job that will submit a tasker request to a base queue. ​
set CONFIG(cmd,submit)
Overrides the base command the launcher job will call (that is, nc run, not normally used)​
set CONFIG(jobclass,resourcemode)
Specifies whether to process job class scripts in Accelerator Plus (wx) only or in the Accelerator base queue(s) as well. If set to "nc", the job class scripts must be authored with duplicate resource request protection measures. Used for Accelerator base queues only.​
set CONFIG(refresh)
The vovwxd loop cycle. If the loop time is less than this value, it will wait until this much time has passed before starting the next cycle. If the loop time is more than this value, the next cycle will begin immediately after the current one is finished.​
set CONFIG(jobstat,checkfreq)
The frequency of which vovwxd will check for tasker job status in the base queue(s).​
set CONFIG(sick,older)
​If a tasker goes sick, it will be removed if it is still in that state after this much time has passed.
set CONFIG(tasker,max)
The maximum number of taskers that are allowed to be managed by the Accelerator Plus queue at any given time.​
set CONFIG(tasker,maxtaskersPerBucketPerNCQueue)
The maximum number of taskers that are allowed to be requested for each Accelerator Plus queue bucket, per base queue.​
Example: 3 base queues would result in 30 taskers being requested in total, at a maximum. Used for Accelerator base queues only.​
set CONFIG(tasker,minQueuedPerBucketPerNCQueue)
The minimum number of taskers that are allowed to be requested for each Accelerator Plusqueue bucket, per base queue.​
Example: 3 base queues would result in 3 taskers being requested in total, at a minimum. Used for Accelerator base queues only.​
set CONFIG(tasker,arrayMax)
When there is enough workload to require multiple taskers from a base queue, request them as a single job array instead of individually submitted jobs. A value of 0 disables this feature, while any positive number will enable it.​
set CONFIG(tasker,maxlife)
Taskers are reused as long as there are more jobs in the bucket that originated the tasker request. This parameter limits how long will accept jobs from the bucket. It is important to remember that in the base queue, this would be a single, week-long job (given there are enough jobs in the bucket to keep it going) and therefore will have an impact on FairShare in the base queue.​
set CONFIG(tasker,maxidle)
This is the maximum amount of time a tasker will wait for a new job from the same bucket before exiting.​
set CONFIG(tasker,res)
Specifies additional resources to be provided by taskers. Not normally used.​
set CONFIG(tasker,update)
Specifies the vovtasker's update interval for resources (ie, the time between updating the vovserver with resource usage data).​
set CONFIG(tasker,debug)
Set to 1 to enable the printing of debug messages in the tasker log file.​
set CONFIG(log,level)
Controls the logging verbosity of the vovwxd daemon. Range is from 0 (off) to 10 (extremely verbose, for debug purposes).​
set CONFIG(log,path)
Overrides the default vovwxd log file path (SWD/vovwxd).​
set CONFIG(launchers,autoForgetSuccessful)
Specifies how long to keep successfully executed launcher jobs in the system's memory.​
Enabled only when log,level is 10.​
set CONFIG(launchers,autoForgetFailed)
Specifies how long to keep failed launcher jobs in the system's memory.​
Enabled only when log,level is 10.​
set CONFIG(launchers,autoKillTimeout)
Specifies how long to allow a launcher job to run before assuming it is in an error state and killing it.​
set CONFIG(tasker,verbose)
Controls the logging verbosity of taskers. Range is from 1 (low) to 4 (highly verbose).​
set CONFIG(tasker,timeout)
Specifies how long the server should give a tasker to establish a connection to the server once its job starts running in the base queue.​
set CONFIG(taskerLog,path)
Overrides the default tasker log path (SWD/logs/taskers).​
Logs are organized into a sub-directory structure of <user>/<baseQueue>/<YYYY.MM.DD>/<HH>.​
If the <HH> directory grows to contain more than 5000 files, a new <HH>.1 directory is created, then a <HH>.2, and so on.​
set CONFIG(taskerLog,older)
Remove tasker logs older than this setting.​
Taskers do not update log files unless there is a need, so long-running taskers may exceed this value. The vovwxd daemon keeps this in mind and does not allow removal of a log file for a tasker that is still running.​
set CONFIG(delLogDirs,older)
Remove empty tasker/launcher log directories that have been empty for this setting.​
set CONFIG(client,derate)
Used in the calculation of the maximum number of taskers to allow:​
  • <number of currently available file descriptors for vovserver> - 2x CONFIG(client,derate)​
set CONFIG(launchers,dirname)
Specifies the path of the launchers directory, the default is relative to SWD/vovwxd.
Place into /tmp, for example, to avoid launcher performance due to slow NFS performance.​
set CONFIG(launchers,checkfreq)
How often to check the launcher and tasker logs directories for cleanup of empty directories, based on the delLogDirs,olderparameter.​
set CONFIG(launchers,maxLaunchersPerBucketPerCycle)
Specifies the maximum number of launcher jobs that can be submitted per vovwxd cycle.​
set CONFIG(launchers,quota)
Specifies the percentage of launcher jobs initially allowed to be submitted for a new bucket. This is a method of measuring the base queue responsiveness and throttling tasker requests accordingly.​
For example, if a bucket requires 1000 taskers (it has 1000 queued jobs), vovwxd will first ask for 10% (the quota value) of the taskers needed. If the base queue responds quickly, all 100 taskers can immediately start running and serving the jobs, then vovwxd will double the percentage on the next cycle, otherwise it'll keep requesting 10%.​
set CONFIG(savePendingRunningReport)
Enables/disables generation of a CSV report file upon each vovwxd cycle. Enabled=1;​
set CONFIG(queueName,ssl)
Specifies whether the base queue matching queueName has SSL enabled for its web interface. Enabled=1.​
set CONFIG(failedAgentsCooldownPeriod)
Specifies a period in vov time format that vovwxd should wait before requesting taskers from a non responsive base queue.​
If this parameter is "0", vovwxd dequeues all jobs in the buckets processed for the failed queue. ​