2016.09 Update 11.3

Resolved Issues

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
All 8500   Provided a workaround to enable the patch URL at the top of the project page to be rendered properly as a link instead of displaying HTML code. This has been fixed in 2016.09u12 and above.
NetworkComputer 7982 21646 Changed documentation to suggest usage of the option -rule rather than -hw for multiple constraints in an nc hosts command. Corrected the help for nc hosts. Also fixed the nc hosts -hw command preventing multiple elements from being evaluated.
NetworkComputer 8187 21130 Provided a workaround that enables auto-rescheduling of failed jobs so that the downcone dependencies do not get descheduled. Now, the failed job can re-run and the downcone will run if and when the job passes on the second (or later) attempt. Requires the workaround script $VOVDIR/etc/post/post_retrace_downcone which must be run at the end of the job as a post cmd.
NetworkComputer 8241 21985 Provided a workaround for problem where @JOBID@ was not being expanded in the environment specification. This was causing a problem with cross queue submission due to environment not being captured correctly. Workaround requires use of VncCallbackAction (see NC Admin Guide) to call custom callback script in jobclass to perform expansion.