2016.09 Update 14

New Features and Enhancements

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
NetworkComputer 8248   NetworkComputer will now update license information from LicenseMonitor the minimum of either every 5 minutes or half the configured expiration time.

Resolved Issues

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
FlowTracer 8479   Fixed "Force Validate", which uses a procedure called MakeDashT to emulate the "-t" option to Make. This feature updates the start and end times of jobs, which was being prevented due to tightened protections that were added. This change also fixes a similar problem with "RECONCILE_WITH_FILE_SYSTEM", which also needs to update start and end times of jobs.
FlowTracer 8519   Added back addflow.cgi and removed the broken web link to it in the web interface. This script is not expected to be used but the broken web link needed to be removed.
LicenseMonitor 8487   Handles correctly the case "No checkouts found for the specified report period." for division calculation when excluding idle time.
NetworkComputer 8401 22101 An incorrect "why" message produced by "nc info" when jobs had been stopped was corrected.
NetworkComputer 8503 22148 Added support for entire list of legacy field names in "nc hosts -O", which in turn, fixes issues with the named groups, such as "nc hosts -SLOTS".
NetworkComputer 8187 21130 Fixed issue with auto-rescheduling of failed jobs so that the downcone dependencies do not get descheduled. Now, the failed job can re-run and the downcone will run if and when the job passes on the second (or later) attempt.
NetworkComputer 8505 22150 Restored sensitivity to NC_STOP_SIGNALS and NC_STOP_SIG_DELAY job properties.
NetworkComputer 7952 21588 Reverted FairShare history graph to original width of 600px in order to restore x-axis label visibility for graph windows down to 5d.
WorkloadXelerator 8334 22085 vovelasticd will now use auxiliary resources of WX jobs when submitting slaves to NC. In case of a previously failed slave, using auxiliary resource, WX will try to submit a slave on a different host in NC.
WorkloadXelerator 8074 21997 Resource expressions with | operator in job classes should be combined without spaces. e.g. set VOV_JOB_DESC(resources) "(general|PD) Limit:..."