2016.09 Update 19

New Features and Enhancements

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
All 7453 20684 The vovbrowser command now shows the value of VOV_HOST_HTTP_NAME, if this is set, in the project URL.
NetworkComputer 8973 22958 NetworkComputer now correctly generates an alert if the LicenseMonitor instance being tracked by vovresourced is not available at first contact attempt. Previously this alert would appear only if contact was made and then lost.
NetworkComputer 7108 20078 nc hosts will show the full list of reservations for a slave in the following format: U:<list of users> C:<list of job classes> G:<list of groups> etc...
NetworkComputer 7126 20116 vtk_slave_define has a new argument -expiredate that specifies the date and time after which the definition of this slave is expired, and it cannot be started with vovslavemgr command. The format of this parameter is year_month_day_hour_min_sec. Example: 2018_12_31_23_59_00
NetworkComputer 7970 21621 The job output URL protocol (http or https) matches that from the output of vovbrowser. i.e. It is determined by setting of sslenabled from the project.
NetworkComputer 8014 21705 Added CLOCKTURBO field to slave objects in VovQuery that represents the CPU turbo speed of the host.
NetworkComputer 8028 21725 The command vovslavemgr stop -force with an empty slave list now prints a warning and does not stop any vovslaves. Use with -all if you really mean it.
NetworkComputer 8996   FreeStyle preemption ruletype no longer preempts more jobs than necessary to run jobs in preempting bucket.

Resolved Issues

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
LicenseMonitor 8967 22940 Now cvs export function works properly on the following pages:
  • Admin > Tags > Server
  • Admin > Tags > Database
  • Admin > Features > Server
  • Admin > Features > Database
  • Admin > Tasks
  • Admin > Licensing (VovSlaves table)
NetworkComputer 8911 22868 Fix premature termination of nc hosts command when a slave exits during the running of the command. This may have been encountered with large or volatile slave counts and is seen when the -O format option is used. Fixed in 2016.09 Update 19 for the case of volatile slave counts.
NetworkComputer 8917   Jobs that have reached WITHDRAWN state later than preemption plan spec. are no longer left as WITHDRAWN and get rescheduled.
NetworkComputer 8925 22887 Added accountability of RAM used by jobs that are submitted with NUMA supported requested. The total RAM for each socket will be decremented by a job's RAM request when the job is bound to the socket. This allows the next job requesting NUMA support to be placed according to the RAM that is expected to be available instead of the RAM that is currently available. Additionally, the NUMA_LAYOUT slave property has been augmented to show the memory currently used by all jobs on the slave that requested NUMA support (e.g. "Socket: 0 RAM= 500/32089 oooooooooo").
NetworkComputer 8964 22922 Interactive jobs no longer consume 100% CPU when attempting to reconnect to a downed NetworkComputer queue.
NetworkComputer 4453 20991 Added sorting, filtering, and searching capabilities to legacy FairShare page.
NetworkComputer 8730 22315 Fixed an error where editing a queued interactive job in the NetworkComputer web interface could potentially cause the job to fail.
NetworkComputer 8978 22965 Removed redundant "Excluded from being declared as input" warnings on nc run -f command.
NetworkComputer 9047   The URL shown at the end of the NC startup routine now takes into account the VOV_HOST_HTTP_NAME value and whether SSL is enabled.