2016.09 Update 20

New Features and Enhancements

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
LicenseMonitor VOV-8169 21933 The vovdb_util 'showcfg' sub-command now shows information about DB backups, if configured.
LicenseMonitor VOV-9133 23261 The Altium log file parser now handles dates of a few new formats, such as yyyy-mm-dd, in addition to those using slash and dot as separators.
LicenseMonitor VOV-9045 23136 ftlm_parse_altiumlog now is able to parse the log line record of the new format of time log: Product Name;License Name;User;Role;Action;Action Time or format of usage log: Product Name;Activation Code;User;Role;Version;Start Time;Returned Time
NetworkComputer VOV-9075 23176 For preemption rule debugging purposes, a separate preemption log file is written if enabled. The preemption log can be turned on through server config parameters in policy.tcl. set preemption.log.verbosity to 1 or up to 10. For example, add the following to the <swd>/policy.tcl:set preemption.log.verbosity 3 Turn on debug flag for each preemption rule of interest through WebUI or preemption rule definition in <swd>/vovpreemptd/config.tcl. To enable all preemption rules debugging, add the following to <swd>/policy.tcl:set preemption.log.allrules 1 Verbosity level needs to be chosen carefully. Higher verbosity number will create many messages and may cause the log file size to grow quickly. In case the current preemption log file is removed, it can be recreated with:vovsh -x 'vtk_server_config rotate_server_preemption_log 1'

Resolved Issues

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
NetworkComputer VOV-8018 23130 Removed unnecessary "Load" button for config.tcl. config.tcl is loaded automatically by vovpreemptd daemon.
  VOV-8347 23028 The "slave.childProcessCleanup" parameter in policy.tcl no longer requires cgroups; it does still require a Linux platform. Additionally the method of process cleanup has been changed to be more thorough. This setting may cause vovslave to be less responsive in heavy usage scenarios.
  VOV-9096 23174 Fixed a bug that when slave names get updated in RESERVE_SLAVES preempt rules, previous slaves still get reserved.
  VOV-9097 23175 FREE_SLAVES rule type preempts slaves only in IDLE(READY), WORKING, or FULLLOAD.
  VOV-9118   vovserver doesn't check file existence with lstat for nc run -l <logfilename> .
  VOV-9025 23101 Initialize job classes in a separate vovresourced process by default.
  VOV-9026 23102 Initialize job classes in a separate vovresourced process by default.
  VOV-9036 23149 Prevent misleading message in node.cgi about the job being executed on an invalid slave when the job has been forgotten from server memory and job data is being loaded from the database.
  VOV-8923 22882 Added an environment variable, VOV_BJOBS_JOBID_WIDTH, that can be used to override the default job ID column width in the bjobs output.
  VOV-8986 22899 Fixed incorrect value of cputime field displayed at job completion.