2019.01 Update 5 Release

New Features and Enhancements

The following new features and enhancements were introduced this software release:

Table 1.
Product Internal Number Case Number Description
All VOV-11299 25102 Fixed error that resulted in a "Server is operating on a non-internal object" error to be printed in the server log. This error is linked to querying for the "why" status of a job that has an input dependency.
All VOV-11350   Fixed statistics for some hierarchical sets.
Accelerator Plus, FlowTracer VOV-11188   A configuration value for the Accelerator Plus configuration file, SWD/vovwxd/config.tcl, has been added allow the user to specify a limit on how many consecutive failures of a slave job in the base queue will be allowed before we no longer attempt to create slaves for a bucket. The default value is 0 (no limit). This is to prevent a malformed job from causing churn in the system.
FlowTracer VOV-11462   This update brings feature parity with vovlsfd. For example, LSFjobname can now be overridden on a per job basis. Bucket reservations are now used to map jobs to batch submitted vovslave, rather than resource strings. Code to address jobs that have an xdur greater than maxlife has moved into the vovslave itself.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Table 2.
Product Internal Number Case Number Description
All VOV-10110   vovwxd cleaner log files will be preserved for the time spec specified by the delCleanerLog,older config parameter in vovwxd/config.tcl.
All VOV-11326   Slave slot licenses will be released when a slave exits in Auto Licensing mode.
All VOV-11294   The /local/registry/system-accelerator folder may have not always been writable because it was created with user's umask permissions. Now created with 777.
All VOV-11350   Fixed statistics for some hierarchical sets.
Accelerator Plus, FlowTracer VOV-11646   vovwxd should no longer attempt to provision extra slaves when the number of pending slaves is sufficient to handle the currently queued load.
FlowTracer VOV-10095   vovslaves running under WX or FT with vovwxd will have the environment variable VOV_SLAVE_NAME set to the name of the FT slave spawned by vovwxd. The VOVSLAVE environment variable will no longer be set. CONFIG(slave,timeout) will be passed to the vovslaves launched by vovwxd as the -t option, setting the time allowed for the new vovslave to connect to vovserver.
FlowTracer VOV-11259   Supported Force Validation of 'PHANTOM' files.
FlowTracer VOV-11187   Allow for a prescripts subdirectory to be placed inside the vovwxd/launcher directory and be immune from periodic cleanup by the vovwxd stale file cleaner. Also change the LSF:pre special resource to use this directory as the base directory for a specified prescript.

Example: LSFpre:mypre.sh results in an LSF submission option of -E ./prescripts/mypre.sh.

FlowTracer VOV-1171   Fixed problem which prevented vovwxd from launching additional slaves as expected when more jobs are added to a bucket that has active jobs.