Monitor Taskers

To monitor the activity of the taskers, use either vsm from the CLI, or click Console > Vov Monitor from the GUI.

Figure 1.
From the command line, you can use:
% vovtaskermgr show
1 04204992   bellevue 0.00    90909 0/1 READY  Unlim.
2 04205717       mars 0.00    39239 0/1 READY  Unlim.
3 04205719     saturn 0.05    10633 0/1 READY  Unlim.
4 04205720       moon 0.02    15003 0/1 READY  Unlim.
5 04205721     cayman 0.00    83333 0/1 READY  Unlim.
6 04205722      comet 0.07    58595 0/1 READY  Unlim.
7 04205725    cheetah 0.05   224089 0/1 READY  Unlim.
8 04205726    jupiter 0.03    13404 0/2 READY  Unlim.

From the browser interface, go to the Tasker page. For a large number of taskers, such as hundreds or more, you may find the Tasker page more compact and convenient.

Run vovtasker monitor with CLI vsm

The command vsm is used to run the Tasker Monitor in its own window. This can also be called from the VovConsole or from any command line that has the right environment and is enabled for the project.


Monitor activity in VOV.

vsm: Usage Message

    Monitor activity in VOV.

    vsm [options]
    -h                Show this help
    -panel <panel>    Select initial panel (default 'running'),
                      where panel is one of: running, resmaps, buckets,
                      jobq, fairshare.
    -fontsize <size>  Specify the font size. Default is 10.
                      Legal range is 3 to 36.

    -s -r -q          Backwards compatibility

    The starting panel can be configured in gui.tcl  by means of 
    the variable  vovmonconfig(start,panel). Example:

    # Fragment of $VOVDIR/local/gui.tcl
    set vovmonconfig(start,panel) "jobq"

   % vsm &
   % vsm -panel buckets &
   % vsm -panel taskers &