Interface to Emulation Jobs

When an emulation job runs, the hero_adapter wrapper sets the values of some environment variables so that the emulation job can perform appropriate actions. These variables are in addition to those normally set by Accelerator when a job runs, such as VOV_JOBID.

Important: The user command must use the values of these variables to set up an appropriate emulation environment for the job.

An example would be to create a .bp placement file in the case of a Palladium emulator.

The following environment variables are set by hero_adapter when the job runs:
  • HERO_EMUL (Example value: "z4cluster0")
  • HERO_PLACEMENT (Example value: "30 31")
  • HERO_PPLACEMENT (Example value: "U7.M2 U7.M3")
For the ZeBu emulators, an additional environment variable is set:
  • ZEBU_PHYSICAL_LOCATION (Example value: "U6.M0,U7.M0")

The user command can use these values to determine what action to take.

In addition, each tasker associated with an emulator may have some environment variables specified in addition (see the TASKER_ENV option as described in Setup). For example, the ZEBU_SYSTEM_DIR variable is needed by ZeBu jobs.