Control Access to Tag Data

There may be situations where company policy may not allow all data to be visible to all users that have access Monitor. This section describes how Monitor can be locked down so that users only have visibility to the data for which he or she is authorized to view. This is made possible by the subsystem access control list (ACL) functionality.

This functionality is also used to ensure visibility to tags that are not actively being monitored via sampling, as described in General Monitoring Configuration. This would typically be achieved using the EVERYBODY keyword described below.


Tag access is defined in the licmon.swd/vovlmd/config.tcl file using the setTagAccess procedure. This procedure takes two arguments:
  • A single tag or a list of tags.
  • A single user name or a list of user names that are to be granted access to the tag being configured. The ADMIN keyword can be used to grant access to all configured administrators. The EVERYBODY keyword can be used to grant access to all users. This is the default behavior when the tag is being actively monitored via sampling.
# This is a fragment of vovlmd/config.tcl
setTagAccess IN_MGC  "gupta sandeep mario"
setTagAccess IN_SNPS "gupta sandeep mario"
setTagAccess EU_MGC  "franz javier"
setTagAccess EU_CDN  "javier oliver"
setTagAccess "CN_MGC CN_SNPS" "wchen"

If visibility of a tag needs to be restored to all users, the procedure must be called with the EVERYBODY keyword.