Stand-Alone Debug Log Monitoring

There may be situations where a debug log will need to be parsed in a stand-alone fashion as opposed to directly coupling it to a sampling configuration. In most cases, this will be any time there are multiple debug logs for the same tag.

The following lists some of the situations that require a stand-alone debug log configuration:
  • FlexNet Publisher and DSLS triad configurations, where a debug log is generated for each server in the triad.
  • FlexNet Publisher multi-daemon license files, where a debug log is generated for each daemon found in the license file.
  • Secure areas where sampling is not permitted.
  • Altium and CodeMeter, since there is no status command to sample.

Unlike the joint monitoring configuration, the stand-alone configuration method allows for binding more than one debug log to any tag that is also being monitored for usage. This can be accomplished via file-based configuration only.