Add an Agent – File-Based Configuration

To override default values and create an agent, perform the following steps:

  1. To configure monitoring agents, go to http://localhost:5555/admin.
  2. Scroll down to Project Configuration Files and click on taskers.tcl link.

    Figure 1.
  3. Add the hosts to monitor.
    For example:
    vtk_ftlm_agent_define HOSTNAME TYPE -rshcmd REMOTECMD -name AGENTNAME

    The value of HOSTNAME should be the DNS name or IP address of the host to be monitored.

    • For monitoring agents, the TYPE should be "lm".
    • For license management agents, the TYPE should be "licmgr".
    • Depending on the connection method desired, the REMOTECMD value should be one of rsh, ssh, or vovtsd.
    • If using vovtsd, the argument "-vovtsdport PORT" arguments must be passed as well, where PORT is the port number on which vovtsd is running on the remote machine. For example:
      vtk_ftlm_agent_define dragon lm -rshcmd vovtsd -name lmdragon -vovtsdport 16666
    • If the Altair Accelerator installation directory location ($VOVDIR) needs to be overridden use the -vovdir option to specify the desired location:
      vtk_ftlm_agent_define dragon lm -rshcmd vovtsd -name lmdragon -vovtsdport 16666 \
      -vovdir /opt/altair/2019.01/linux64
  4. When done, click Save.
    Once the agent has been properly configured, it can now be started by clicking start all agents.