Images are not Showing up in Web Pages

The images are retrieved from the readonly port (5556 by default) of the licmon server via HTTP.
  • Check that readonly port is enabled.
  • Check DNS/NIS setup and /etc/nsswitch.conf to be sure that the licmon hostname resolves.
  • Set env-var VOV_HOST_NAME in licmon.swd/setup.tcl to a value that resolves to the Monitor server machine.
  • If an IP address is the only way to access the machine from other hosts, add VOV_HOST_HTTP_NAME with the desired IP address to the setup.tcl file and perform a reread.
  • To make the change effective immediately, also enter the following commands at the shell. This sets the env-var in the running vovserver.
    % vovproject enable licmon
    % vovsh -x "vtk_server_setenv VOV_HOST_HTTP_NAME <VALUE>
  • If you are viewing Monitor over a port-forwarded tunnel through ssh, for example -L 5555:jaguar:5555, the host names differ on each end of the connection. The only way we know to deal with this is to make the Monitor host an alternate name for localhost. For the example, where the remote host is jaguar, your line in the hosts file would be similar to:
    % localhost jaguar