Why Isn't My Job Running? (User)

Check the Home Page and Current Utilization

There are many ways to check your Monitor system to see why your job isn’t running, but the easiest is to check the home page to see if current utilization is high. Monitor automatically defaults to this view.

Figure 1. Current Features Page (Home)

Check Heat Maps

You next step might be to look at heatmaps to check usage data, heat maps show busy and slow times of the day and the week.

Figure 2. Heat Maps

The yellow and green shows busy times of day, and blue and purple show less busy times. In this example, the system is busy between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (working hours). If you can run your job in off hours or schedule it to run then, then choose the times that show blue and green. That said, you can’t always run jobs in off hours. If so, send a note to your admin, who may adjust the system, so you can run your job.

Check Existing License Reservations

On the Home page, look for long checkouts of certain features. On occasion, there could be too many license reservations (at the vendor level). If you have 10 licenses for Matlab and you have 4 reserved licenses, then only 6 are available for use. See if those license reservations can be used temporarily. The reserved quantity will be shown in the third value as in_used/capacity/reserved.

Figure 3. Saturated Licenses
Note: There are other options to dig further into the details, these are just a few basic approaches to answering this question.