Configure LDAP

To configure LDAP, perform the following steps :

  1. Copy $VOVDIR/etc/config/ldap/ldap.cfg to /<path>/licmon.swd/config/ldap.cfg
  2. Edit /<path>/licmon.swd/config/ldap.cfg with your specific LDAP server info. You will need help from your IT to enter the needed info.
  3. From the command line, run
    % vovproject enable licmon
    % vovproject sanity
  4. To validate the query run:
    %vovldap_query ua <your_user_name> -v -v -v
    If the command returns valid LDAP user info, that means the LDAP configuration is completed correctly.
  5. To enable LDAP authentication for LM Web UI login, edit /<path>/licmon.swd/policy.tcl and update set config(enableLdap) value to 1.
  6. To enable LDAP lookup for users’ email address, go to the Admin tab and select Notification > SMTP Configuration and set LDAP address to 1.

    Figure 1. LDAP Configuration