Request a License File

We recommend that you request a license file, after setting up the system.

To request a license file, perform the following steps.

  1. In the web interface, click Admin > Licensing.

    Figure 1. Licensing Page
  2. Scroll down to Request a License for This Host. Follow the instructions to request a license or contact your sales rep. The license will be mailed to you as a text file.
  3. Open the file. Save the license file under the licmon.swd directory, (c:/altair/swd) which can be found in the executable window under the Working Server Directory.
  4. Rename the license file to license.key. If a prompt comes up asking you to confirm the change in file type to key, confirm the change.
  5. Go back to the web interface and click Admin > Licensing.
  6. Click Re-Acquire all Licenses.

    Figure 2. License Status