Generate a Denials Report

Denials reports show statistical information about denial events detected because of a license request being denied. These reports can be used to determine if you have too many or too few licenses.

Note: The admin must have set up the system so you can generate this report.
  1. Go to the History tab and click the Denials drop down menu.

    Figure 1. Denials Selection
  2. Select Denials Statistics from the drop-down list.
  3. Select a Time Range, a Filter and Report by, and click Submit.
    A report will show all existing Denials.
  4. To further refine that Report, go to the Denial Details selection. This view shows the information that is normally found in a debug log denial record. You can narrow down the results using the same filter method used in the statistics view. The Denial Details page also displays columns for custom group types. Learn how to set up custom groups (users or hosts that you wish to monitor) by clicking on Add a License Monitor.