Usage Reports

From the Usage selection, you can generate the following 11 types of web GUI reports.
Daily Feature Statistics
An overview of availability and utilization statistics for a time frame.
Daily Feature Plots
A graph of the metrics shown on the Feature Statistics page for a specific tag/feature combination.
Efficiency Statistics
A table showing the metrics associated with efficient license usage.
Efficiency Histogram
A graph that shows license availability. It can show both licensing bottlenecks and waste.
Detailed Plots
A group of graphs, which shows availability and utilization statistics.
A report that shows the time period specified, represented as a 24x7 clock view.
Checkout Statistics
A report that can show pin-pointed data about license utilization.
Checkout Details
A report that shows the actual checkouts shown in the Statistics view.
Duration Histogram
A graph that shows the distribution of checkouts based on duration.
Usage Comparison Plot
A graph, which accompanies the checkout statistics page, and allows for complex report-by and filter options.
Usage Trends
A report on one or more features over a specified time frame.

In the following section, we will explain each report, and describe the variable elements and their use in providing information, which may aid in decision-making.

See the following pages for more information: