How do I Know if a User is Hogging All the Licenses? (Admin)

Check the Home Page & Current Utilization

Go to the Current tab and review the utilization statistics. This report shows features, which are being used and which may be saturated. Saturated features are shown in red.

Figure 1. Current Utilization Overview

Click on any of the features, which will open the Current Checkouts page, which shows who is using that feature and for how long.

Check the Current Checkouts Page

Check to see if a user is dominating the license feature. In this case integ is using most of the licenses. You can email that user by clicking on the email icon.

Figure 2. Current Checkouts

Check the History Page and View a Checkout Statistics Report

To look more closely at a user, go the History menu and view a Checkout Statistics Report. That report shows who has historically used a license. You can sort the report by a user by making a selection in the User filter. Or you can generate a new report by selecting a user or license feature and clicking Apply and then clicking Submit.

Figure 3. Current Checkout Statistics Report