Host Monitoring

The Hosts List page shows information about each host on which an agent is running:

Figure 1. Host List Page: Network Information
The following columns are shown on the Host List table:
The host file name.
The domain name.
The type of the machine.
This is the architecture, the machine’s platform.
The number of CPUs running on your machine.
Speed (MHz)
Processing speed.
Read access memory.
IP address
The IP Address of your machine.
Rx (KB/s)
Received from the server being monitored in Kilobytes per second.
Tx (KB/s)
Transmitted from this server being monitored in Kilobytes per second.
The Machine Load.
The time that your machine has been up and running.
Idle Time
The time the machine is running operations and applications.
Clock Offset
This shows if your machine and your system clock are in sync.
You can update the table by clicking Update in the bottom right corner of the page. As with the process list, it may take several seconds for new statistics to be transmitted and processed by the Monitor server.
Note: Network Rx/Tx information is only available on Linux hosts that are being monitored.