Note: To use the Monitor web interface, the web browser used must support CSS and JavaScript.
At the top of each page in the Monitor web interface is an informational banner that displays some important details about the running instance and the current web session:

Figure 1. Monitor Banner
The information provided in the banner includes:
  • Product name
  • Product version
  • Highest level of alert currently present (linked to alerts page)
  • Current user
  • Security level for current user
  • Logout link
  • Help link (context sensitive)


In addition to using the tabs to manually navigate to pages, many reports turn the data into cross-links that can be used. For example, clicking on a feature name in the current features report will link to the current checkouts report, pre-filtered to the feature that was clicked:

Figure 2. Current Feature Status

Figure 3. Current Checkouts

Table-based Reports

Many reports in Monitor are displayed in a table format. The tables are sortable by clicking on the column headers, filterable with the filters on the bottom, and exportable in CSV format using the csv button.