Feature Heatmap

Monitor provides a unique report type for visualizing license activity, which is called a heatmap. A heatmap shows the time period specified, represented as a 24x7 clock view.

For each hour in the view, a color-coded box exists that represents the amount of activity for the license feature relative to no activity (dark blue) and highest activity detected (bright red). The heatmap report page contains four heatmaps: one for peak concurrent usage, one for checkouts, one for checkins, and one for denials.

The yellow and green shows busy times of day, and blue and purple show less busy times. In this example, the system is busy between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (working hours). If you can run your job in off hours or schedule it to run then, then choose the times that show blue and green. That said, you can’t always run jobs in off hours. If so, send a note to your admin, who may adjust the system, so you can run your job.

Figure 1. Feature heatmap page

In the example above, Monday through Friday appear to be slightly more active between 9am and 6pm. Most nights have very light activity between 11pm and midnight.

To summarize the heatmap report, it visualizes congestion times so that plans can be made to equalize activity throughout the work day and reduce congestion bottlenecks.