2016.09 Update 13

New Features and Enhancements

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
All 8346 22069 Changed default value of thread.service.max from 2 to 0, per customer request.
All 8420 22111 Allow control of the maximum number of maps in a job resource expression, previously hard-coded at 300. Now this can be set with the parameter resources.max.maps.
NetworkComputer 5947 22069 Added ability to shut down threads. This can be done now with % vovsh -x 'vtk_server_config thread.service.max 0'. Other parameters called thread.service.... are accessible to control when to use threads.
NetworkComputer 7535 20833 The Tcl procedure VovGetRevokeDelay {} can now be added and customized by redefining it in vovresourced/config.tcl under the SWD directory to allow users to customize the revoke delay to be used in vovreconciled. This allows users to have the revoke delay from their job classes override the default value of RESD(revokeDelay). The proc definition has been added to the documentation. In addition, the verbosity levels of various messages have been modified per customer request.
NetworkComputer 7455 20674 The optional live_keepfor_jobs.tcl task script has been improved to reduce the load on the NC vovserver.
NetworkComputer 7959 21585 The -maxload option of vtk_slave_define now accepts simple expressions relative to the capacity value, represented by the keyword 'CAPACITY'. For example, -maxload CAPACITY*1.5 would set the maxload to 1.5 times the number of slots. Supported operators are: +-/* .

Resolved Issues

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
All 8031 21729 As of 2016.09 update 11, there is a new environment variable VOV_PAUSE_CHILD_SIGNAL, which controls the signalling of child processes on Linux platforms when a slave enters the PAUSED state (usually this happens when a slave receives a SIGTSTP signal). The valid values of this variable are: "STOP" - send SIGSTOP to all child processes. This is the default behavior. "TSTP" - send SIGTSTP to all child processes. SIGTSTP is not guaranteed to suspend child processes. "NONE" or ""(empty string) - do not signal child processes. Any value other than the valid values will result in the default behavior (SIGSTOP). As of 2016.09 Update 13, the environment variable VOV_PAUSE_VW_ON_TSTP can be set to 1 to cause vw jobs to pause when they receive the SIGTSTP signal. The vw jobs will continue if they receive either SIGCONT or SIGALRM.
All 8486   Fixed a bug that was introduced in 2016.09u10 wherein the server would crash if it failed to obtain a lock on the server.info file (on server startup).
FlowTracer 8294 22059 Prevent Tcl errors for FDL procedures that apply to the most recent job, set, or file when the FDL has not yet declared the necessary item. Issue a warning that the item was ignored for properties, annotations, and job names. For inputs, outputs, capsules, adding items to sets, IFJOB, and X11_DISPLAY, stop the vovbuild with a fatal error when this problem occurs.
LicenseMonitor 7863 1099 vovsql_load_checkouts now is able to process checkout log with handle# > limit of INTEGER data type in one of the following ways:
  • For newly created checkouts table, the handle's data type is BIGINT, can deal with integer up to 263-1 (vs. the INTEGER can deal with integer up to 231-1=2147483647).
  • For existing tables, if you set the environment variable ALTER_HANDLE_TO_BIGINT before you upgrade the software, it will convert handle from INTEGER to BIGINT.
  • For those keeping the handle as INTEGER type, we will do some processing in the temporary table when loading the data to checkouts table, i.e. handle=handle%2000000000 so that it will not over the limit.
LicenseMonitor 7977 21594 The efficiency stats report now has option "Include idle time". If selected, the percentile calculation will based duration, match the right-side (Exactly Used) chart in the "Feature Efficiency Histogram".
LicenseMonitor 8054   The .png export for report chart will work correctly even for high DPI canvas.
LicenseMonitor 8251 21817 Updated LicenseMonitor's FlexLM parser to combine reservations for the same feature and user or group that are spread over multiple declarations.
LicenseMonitor 8173 21934 The vovserver policy.tcl file options checkoutHostLowerCase and checkoutUserLowercase were inoperative, but now correctly control case-sensitivity.
LicenseMonitor 8201 21958 Fixed issue in the usage comparison plot report where an error is produced when dropped queued requests are present.
NetworkComputer 8187 21130 Added a post_retrace_downcone post-processing script to schedule the down cone of a job, to cover the case in which a job with dependencies may be automatically resubmitted multiple times.
NetworkComputer 8241 21985 Fixed a problem with @JOBID@ not being expanded in the environment specification. This was causing a problem with cross queue submission due to environment not being captured correctly.
NetworkComputer 8362 22086 Fixed issue with new dependencies for existing jobs in NC that caused the job that is a dependency for another job to turn invalid, which also invalidated the downcone. Now, it does not turn invalid.
NetworkComputer 7982 21646 Changed documentation to suggest usage of the option -rule rather than -hw for multiple constraints in an nc hosts command. Corrected the help for nc hosts. An issue was also fixed in the nc hosts -hw command that prevented multiple elements from being evaluated.
NetworkComputer 8188 21251 Previously, when vovgetgroups timed out or did not return groups info correctly, the job would run with the incorrect groups. Following this change, if vovgetgroups fails or times out, the job will fail.
NetworkComputer 8219 22004 No longer perform detailed slave analysis unless there is a confirmed HW resource wait reason.
NetworkComputer 8244   A new server configuration parameter is added to limit the maximum number of ORs in a resource expression. For example in policy.tcl:
set config(maxORsInResourceExpressions) 10 
Or from the shell:
nc cmd vovsh -x 'vtk_server_config
              maxORsInResourceExpressions 10' 
If a job is submitted and the number of ORs in its resource expression exceeds the limit, the job fails with a message in the Why info. The default value for the limit is 20.
NetworkComputer 8458   Synchronized the nc hosts utility with supported slave fields so that all fields are supported by the -O option.
NetworkComputer 8089 21856 NC jobclasses defined via VOV_JOBCLASS_DIRS now are visible in web and command line.
NetworkComputer 8111 21869 vovserver no longer issues incorrect license status GRACE messages in its log file.
NetworkComputer 8218   Fixed error message concerning undefined errorCode variable in the nc why help message.
NetworkComputer 8330 22081 Fixed a bug in which nc hosts -f did not return an accurate list of field names.
NetworkComputer 8397 22079 The fork time metric now shows 0 if threading has not been turned on, and also falls to 0 when threading gets turned off after being on.
WorkloadXcelerator 8074 21997 Fixed resource parsing that contains | operator in vovelasticd, vovwxd.
WorkloadXcelerator 8214 21986 WX no longer leaves stranded processes after the vovslave in the base NC setup has become SICK and subsequently recovers.