2016.09 Update 7

New Features and Enhancements

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
LicenseMonitor 5871 20081 LicenseMonitor's FlexLM monitor will now report the PID associated with a checkout, if that support is enabled in FlexLM. Also NetworkComputer will provide PID information to LicenseAllocator for matching.
LicenseMonitor 7432 20688 Added pie slice limit control for detailed plot report.
NetworkComputer 5599   Enabled ranking of FairShare groups using weighted sum of excess_running and excess_history.
NetworkComputer 6022 13969 Added option -q to nc forget.
LicenseAllocator 7332 20081 LA can now perform matching between LM checkouts and NC jobs based on the UNIX PID information, whenever available. Such matches are clearly identified by the keyword "pid" in the matches page in LA.

Resolved Issues

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
All 6121   Added a compound tab with an alert icon next to "Why", instead of automatically raising why tab on failed jobs and failed/invalid files.
All 6745   The path of slave startup log is printed in every daily log that is rotated midnight. Symbolic links are created as server.log, subserve.log, slave.log, and startup.slave.log. These symbolic links point to latest corresponding log files. vovcleanup rules can be customized by editing cleanup.config.tcl located in swd (server working directory).
All 6966   If the daily log file of vovserver cannot be opened in swd/logs directory at startup time due to permission or other failures, the daily log is created in /tmp directory.
All 7255 20389 As of 2016.09 Update 7, the Trace object can be queried for PARAMETERS, PARAMDUMP and individual trace parameters via vovselect and all related vtk commands (e.g. vtk_select_loop). The PARAMETERS field will return a list of all trace parameters and their values, separated by '=', for example:
vovselect parameters from trace
          sched.megapoll.threshold = 100
          longServiceWarningDuration = 0.800000
          allowUidForSecurityFile = 0
          switchToExtBufThresh = 100000
          maxNotifyBufferSize = 400000
          ...other parameters...
The PARAMDUMP field will return a list of parameters and their default and current values, for example:
vovselect paramdump from trace
          sched.megapoll.threshold { default = '100' value = '100' }
          longServiceWarningDuration { default = '0.800000' value = '0.800000' }
          allowUidForSecurityFile { default = '0' value = '0' }
          switchToExtBufThresh { default = '100000' value = '100000' }
          maxNotifyBufferSize { default = '1000000' value = '400000' }
          ...other parameters...
The PARAM field will retrieve a single parameter by name, similar to the way PROP currently works. For example:
vovselect param.resmap.max.map.length from trace

All 3 fields are case-insensitive.
All 7377   Fixed bug that cause entry fields in node editor to lose focus after double or triple clicking, making it impossible to backspace over the selected text after a double or triple click. Now the focus is retained.
LicenseMonitor 7230 20323 Fixed vovsh -s clock offset to send vovserver a right IP address instead of 0. The message "Found host with different ip: instead of" observed when running "vovslavemgr start" has been eliminated.
LicenseMonitor 7318 20529 Restored missing filter negation control in batch report web UI.
LicenseMonitor 7350 20589 Fixed issue with feature filter select menu when feature aliases have been configured.
LicenseMonitor 7329 20458 Increased vovnginxd web page processing timeout to allow long-running reports to finish.
LicenseMonitor 7351 20665 Fixed BATCH_OPTIONS variable errors for pie chart reports in the batch reporting facility.
LicenseMonitor 7413   Fixed issue with detecting database status when running within a Windows service.
LicenseMonitor 7428   Fixed issue with peak statistics showing 0 usage for the others object in the legend of the usage comparison plot.
NetworkComputer 5308 20141 The preemption facility now retries to create the resumer job for a preempted job until successful.
NetworkComputer 7385 20591 Modified LSF bsub emulation to allow multiple -R directives.
NetworkComputer 7219 20296 Addressed instances where negative CPU progress was being reported.
NetworkComputer 7221 20299 Added -cwd option to bsub LSF emulation utility. This option specifies the run directory for the job being submitted.
NetworkComputer 7231 20297 Added support for -cwd option to specify the job execution directory and defaulted VOV_JOB_DESCRIPTION(rundir) to "." so that the variable is present when the NC policy is processed. Also fixed issue with -n option that requests multiple CPUs for a job, as well as added sensitivity to the "span[hosts=1]" resource string that constrains such jobs to a single host.
NetworkComputer 7262 20509 The vtk_resourcemap_set command has a new optional argument, -sum. Specify -sum to indicate that a resource is a sum resource, i.e. that it is composed of a boolean OR/AND combination of other resources. For example, to create a resource "License:a" that requires "License:b" or "License:c", the command would be:
vtk_resourcemap_set [other options...] License:a -sum -map 'License:b OR License:c
NetworkComputer 7321 20493 Fixed JavaScript error in IE 11 on slave resources page.
NetworkComputer 7410 20615 Fixed instances where LSF bsub.config.tcl custom settings are overwritten.
NetworkComputer 7418   Improve snapshot property processing to handle a malformed property value that is missing the continue sentinel for large environments.
LicenseAllocator 7259 20398 LicenseAllocator will now remove all allocations of a resource to a site if it has been marked as DO_NOT_SHARE.
LicenseAllocator 7265 20460 LA will now convert fully qualified host names into short names before performing matching.
LicenseAllocator 7339 20564 LicenseAllocator UI no longer has buttons for disallowed operations for users when logged in as a non-admin user.
FlowTracer 7341 20542 Duration reporting behavior has been fixed for duration > 10000.
FlowTracer 7360 20551 Corrected the "duration" field behavior in FlowTracer Node Editor.
FlowTracer 7395 20627 Fixed vovconsole crash with READONLY permission.