2019.01 Update 7 Patch 3

Product(s) Internal Issue Case Number Description
All VOV-13872 CS0211355 Fixed issue where SICK status Accelerator slaves were not removed after an appropriate amount of time. The underlying cause was that there were still related jobs running in the base queue, and was repaired by passing the -forcerunning option to the NC base queue forget command for slaves with a SICK status.
All VOV-13861 CS0210064 Fixed issue in which SIGALRM interrupted communications on interactive jobs using VOV_INTERACTIVE_PING keep alive method.
All VOV-13816 CS0205113 Address issue where license resources sometimes became unavailable when on life support.
All VOV-13860 CS0208413, CS0208823 Fixed issue that caused the slave to overload vovserver with messages when a job execution attempt failed due to not being able to successfully fork out the subslave process that is used to shepherd the job.
All VOV-12989 CS0145649 Fixed an issue where stopping more than 1 vovslave by name (vovslavemgr stop <slave1> <slave2>...) was renaming only the last named tasker to <slavename>_stopped_<timestamp>.
All VOV-12812   Enabled client activity logging for nc cmd commands.