Load Data

This section details the methods that Monitor uses to load data into the database, and the configuration options available to control which data is loaded.

Automatic Loading

Checkout data files generated from sampled data will be automatically and continuously loaded if the daemon-based loader is enabled.

Checkouts and denials generated from debug log parsing are loaded by the parser itself. For more information on debug log parsing, refer to Debug Log Monitoring.

Manual Loading

Manual loading of job data files can be accomplished by using the vovsql_load_checkouts and vovsql_load_denials command line utility.

To execute the utility, set up the CLI:
% vovproject enable licmon
The checkout loader's syntax is:
vovsql_load_checkouts: Usage Message

      % vovsql_load_checkouts [OPTIONS] <listOfFiles>

      -h              -- This help.
      -v              -- Increase verbosity.
      -q              -- Quiet.
      -origin <N>     -- Specify origin of data (see below)
      -f              -- Same as -force.
      -force          -- Force reloading of data files.
      -convert        -- Convert the old data files to current format.

      <listOfFiles>   -- A list of checkout data files. Can also be specified
                         as a glob expression (e.g. checkouts/2009.12.*)
                         or can contain the tokens @TODAY@ and @YESTERDAY@.

      1               -- The data comes from the sampling (default).
      2               -- The data comes from debug log parsing, to be merged.
      6               -- The data comes from debug log parsing,
                         not to be merged.

      % vovsql_load_checkouts           licmon.swd/data/checkouts/2007*
      % vovsql_load_checkouts -force    licmon.swd/data/checkouts/2007*
      % vovsql_load_checkouts -origin 2
      % vovsql_load_checkouts           licmon.swd/data/checkouts/@TODAY@
The denial loader's syntax is:
vovsql_load_denials: Usage Message

      vovsql_load_denials [OPTIONS] <datafile> ...

      -h              -- This help.
      -v              -- Increase verbosity.
      -q              -- Quiet.
      -f, -force      -- Force reloading of data files.
      <logfile>       -- A denial data file.
                         Can be specified as a glob expression.
                         Can be repeated.

      % cd `vovserverdir -p data`
      % vovsql_load_denials ./denials/*/*/2008*

Control Which License Usage Data is Loaded

By default, Monitor will load all checkout and denial data into the database. However, sometimes there exists a license feature that is used heavily but is either free or unlimited, and thus generates heavy load on the database while being of little value when generating reports. In this scenario, the feature can be blocked from being loaded into the database to help reduce load on the database.

To block loading of a feature's checkout and denial data, edit the licmon.swd/vovdbd/config.tcl file and define VOVDBD(lm,excludeFromDb). The value should be of the format:
set VOVDBD(lm,excludeFromDb) { { tag feature } { tag feature } ... }
Standard shell wildcards such as * and ? are supported in either the tag or feature name. Some examples:
# To exclude "FeatureA" from all tags:
set VOVDBD(lm,excludeFromDb) { { * FeatureA } }

# To exclude "FeatureA" from all tags and "FeatureB" from "Tag2":
set VOVDBD(lm,excludeFromDb) { { * FeatureA } { Tag2 FeatureB } }

If at some point it is desired to load previously excluded data, edit config.tcl to remove the exclusion, then manually load the data files using the -force option to either vovsql_load_checkouts or vovsql_load_denials.