VovUserGroups are an access control mechanism. They are internally-defined groups of users that are utilized to make the job of allocating access easier within Altair Accelerator tools.

VovUserGroups by themselves do not grant or restrict access. Once the group names are defined, however, they can be assigned security roles and thus make the job of administering security and access less time consuming.

The vovusergroup utility is used to manage VovUserGroups from the command line. This includes creating and deleting groups, appending them, and displaying group members.

VovUserGroups Utilization

VovUserGroups can be effectively utilized in a number of areas throughout the Altair Accelerator product suite. In all Altair Accelerator products, they can be used to easily set up access by mapping a VovUserGroup to a defined security role in the security.tcl file that resides in the Server Working Directory (SWD). VovUserGroups can also be used to assign access or restrictions to various components of the web interface.

Usage of vovusergroup utility:

vovusergroup: Usage Message

Utility to show, create and maintain "vovusergroup" structures based on
user lists, Unix groups and LDAP groups.


   vovusergroup <ACTION> <GROUP_NAME> <OPTIONS>


 populate       Creates a new vovusergroup and populates it from a provided
                userList, an existing unix group or LDAP group.
                Any pre-existing vovusergroup with the same name is lost.

 addusers       Creates a new vovusergroup (if necessary) and appends the
                provided userList.
 removeusers    Removes the specified "userList" list of users from
                an existing vovusergroup.

 delete         Removes a vovusergroup definition entirely, along with
                its list of users.
 show           Displays the list of users in an existing vovusergroup.
 list           Displays the defined vovusergroup names


  vovusergroup populate    <groupName> <userList>
  vovusergroup populate    <groupName> -unix <unixGroup>
  vovusergroup populate    <groupName> -ldap <ldapGroup>

  vovusergroup addusers    <groupName> <userList>
  vovusergroup removeusers <groupName> <userList>

  vovusergroup delete      <groupName>
  vovusergroup show        <groupName>


   A "userList" above consists of usernames separated by spaces.
   To generate a vovusergroup from LDAP, you must first have LDAP
   connectivity enabled (see Altair Monitor Administration Guide)


  vovusergroup populate chipA -ldap chipA_govusers
  vovusergroup addusers myBlk jimc terryw suep ronaldb
  vovusergroup show myBlk

VovUserGroups Support in Altair Accelerator Products

Currently, support for VovUserGroups is provided in the security.tcl file (in all products), and the web.cfg file (in Monitor only). Please see the respective pages for Security.tcl and the Web Server Configuration for more information and examples on how VovUserGroups can be applied. Support for additional functionalities will be provided in future releases.