Choose the FairShare Group

While Accelerator Plus supports the use of FairShare groups, their utility depends upon the underlying batch system.

If the underlying batch system is Accelerator then the recommendation is that no additional FairShare configuration (with access control lists, weights and time windows) is done in the Accelerator Plus queue. Instead Accelerator Plus just passes on the requested FairShare group on to Accelerator where the existing policies and allocations are enforced. For base schedulers other than Accelerator, the Accelerator Plus FairShare model may be used to prioritize jobs of different categories within the Accelerator Plus queue.

In Accelerator Plus, FairShare groups are managed by either the information in the vwx.swd directory that contains the policy.tcl file, or the vovfsgroup utility. Every user has a default FairShare group, which is set in the policy.tcl file. Use wx run with the option -g to select a different group.

% wx cmd vovshow -users
% wx run -g /time/regression sleep 10

FairShare Subgroup

Subgroups can be specified by using the -sg option. Subgroups can be created at submit time as opposed to groups , which must be defined ahead of time. Subgroups allow a user to allocate shares of computing resources to subsets of their own workload.

Examples are shown below:
% wx run -sg subgroup sleep 10                      (/time/users.john:subgroup)
% wx run -g /time/regression -sg subgroup sleep 10  (/time/regression.john:subgroup)