Accelerator Plus Administrator Guide

This guide is written for the Accelerator Plus system administrator who needs to configure and manage one or more Accelerator Plus instances.

The administrator is expected to understand UNIX system processes, the dynamics of UNIX interactive shells, shell scripting techniques, and general trouble-shooting concepts. Some knowledge of schedulers is also expected.

For details about the usage and capabilities of using Accelerator Plus, refer to the Accelerator Plus User Guide.

Related Documents

Since Accelerator Plus is a derivative of Accelerator, most of the concepts explained in the Altair Accelerator Administrator Guide also apply to Accelerator Plus, even though they are not explained in this guide.

The following documents provide additional information that is related to using and configuring Accelerator Plus:
  • Altair Accelerator Installation Guide to learn how to install Accelerator Plus and the rest of the software
  • Altair Accelerator Plus User Guide to learn the end-user point of view for Accelerator Plus
  • Altair Accelerator Administrator Guide to learn all the advanced tricks that also apply to Accelerator and Accelerator Plus
  • VOV Subsystem Reference Guide contains the reference material about projects, files, registry, etc.

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