2016.09 Update 1

New Features and Enhancements

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
All 6918 15448 The initial vovslave connection timeout for elastic vovslaves can now be configured via the config.tcl file.
FlowTracer 7012   A new API, vtk_transition_chown_to_me supports multiuser FlowTracer projects: a user can "take" a job. vtk_transition_chown_to_me is only enabled when a seat_ft_mu_* feature is used.
  7013   The option -u was added for vovlsfd to support multiuser FlowTracer projects.

Resolved Issues

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
All 6926   vovset list -all has been fixed; all objects are displayed.
All 7014   The ACL mechanism now includes a new ACL role type called LEADER. Default ACL for LEADER role for jobs is VIEW, EXISTS, CHOWN.
All 6968 15252 With large token capacities, checkouts appear to use a very large number of them. The C/O Stats page sums the (duration * tokens) for each feature, and for this feature that number is much larger than a 32b integer. Added ::bigint to the query in the checkout stats report.
NetworkComputer 5699 14154 fairshare.cgi takes fstokens into account for visualization.
NetworkComputer 6720   The in-command documentation for the nc run -keepfor option has been clarified: nc run -keepfor <time>: Disables auto-forget. Requires the NetworkComputer administrator to copy the live_keepfor_jobs.tcl script into the tasks directory.
NetworkComputer 6821 15317 Indirect slaves no longer crash during failover.
NetworkComputer 6930   Prevent the generation of an error concerning LiveRecorder not being enabled when shutting down vovserver or vovslave. For vovserver, this also resulted in an additional log file, generated at shutdown, that contained the error.
LicenseAllocator 6767 15265 Resource tokens are now counted corrected. Previously, the double counting of resource tokens occurred when license servers (FlexLM servers) were restarted.
LicenseAllocator 6684   In grid mode, nodes are now visible at any level. Previously, with many nodes displayed in grid mode (about 40k), when the nodes were drawn very small, the files appeared to vanish.
LicenseAllocator 6912   A crash no longer occurs when using certain features when the vovserver version is older than 2016.09, but the vovsh version is 2016.09. The features that previously caused crashes: vsy, vovwhy, nc why, wx why, or the "Why" tab in vovconsole.
LicenseAllocator 6913   Sorting results and the status column color are now correct. Previously, the sorting and color(s) was incorrect when there were more rows than visible on the table for inputs or output.
LicenseAllocator 6964   Floating Slave Monitor menu is now available for "group" in Slave Monitor.