2016.09 Update 11

New Features and Enhancements

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
NetworkComputer 8017   Improve visibility on unused slaves.
NetworkComputer 6151 21656 Added @JOBLOGDIR@ field for JOBS to allow pre- and post-command logfiles to go to the same directory as the job logfile. Checked if the pre- and post-command output logs are zero length, in which case they are auto-deleted.
NetworkComputer 7455 20674 The optional live_keepfor_jobs.tcl task script has been improved to reduce the load on the NC vovserver.
NetworkComputer 7604 20904 Added explanation that the main ’why’ reason may not be the only one to discussion of nc why in vncqueue.html in trunk.

Resolved Issues

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
NetworkComputer 7978 21596 There is a new optional policy.tcl parameter on Linux platforms named "slave.childProcessCleanup". Setting this parameter to 1 causes slaves to kill all child processes when a job exits.
NetworkComputer 7999 21674 Fixed issue where keyword substitution for the command line can inject curly braces if the command line includes a quoted string.
NetworkComputer 8011 21693 Increase the max capacity of a running slave to match the new capacity if the slave is being reconfigured with a capacity that exceeds the current max capacity.
WorkloadXcelerator 7772 21266 Improve visibility on unused slaves.
WorkloadXcelerator 7996 21706 Ensure vovelasticd daemon clears the queue error state to allow launcher submissions to resume after its 2-minute error waiting period.
WorkloadXcelerator 8025 21663 Disable vovresourced LM interconnect for WX.