2016.09 Update 2

New Features and Enhancements

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
All 6261 14562 Project rehosting is now allowed at at start time. New options, -rehost and -block now separate the rehosting functionality from the blocking behavior. The following envvars have been renamed, which makes them scheduler agnostic (this feature is not backwards compatible): VOV_BSUB_VOVCONSOLE has been renamed VOVCONSOLE_SUBMIT_CMD VOV_BSUB_VOVSERVER has been renamed VOVPROJECT_SUBMIT_CMD.
All 7017   PostgreSQL 9.6 is now included as the VOV database engine for new instances and as an optional upgrade for existing instances. PostgreSQL 9.6 improves performance for historical reports in LicenseMonitor.
LicenseMonitor 7016   Information specified by the combination of the license tag and feature name can now be excluded from being loaded into the VOV database. This prevents overloading the database with unnecessary information.
FlowTracer 7012   The new API vtk_transition_chown_to_me supports multiuser FT projects. This API allows a user to "take" a job. It is only enabled when the seat_ft_mu_* feature is used.
FlowTracer 7013   The new option -u for vovlsfd supports multiuser FlowTracer projects.

Resolved Issues

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
All 7050 15698 Fixed: error that caused corruption in LicenseMonitor checkout and denial data files.
All 7064   vovusergroup -unix now iterates over all entries in the UNIX groups database. Previously, only the users from the first entry of the given group were populated.
LicenseAllocator 6994   Fixed custom defined resource map expressions. A resource in site is no longer overwritten by the automatic computation of resource map expression that is in response to the change of resource weights.
LicenseAllocator 7071   LicenseAllocator correctly detects vendor queued tokens. Previously, vendor-queued data was lost when the same feature is served by multiple license servers.
LicenseAllocator 7075   Overbooking boost values are cleared when overbooking is turned OFF. When overbooking is turned OFF, matching is not automatically turned ON. On the resources page, the matching button now shows ON/OFF instead of ENABLE/DISABLE.