2016.09 Update 9.2

Resolved Issues

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
NetworkComputer 7822 21365 Corrected the vovslavemgr reserveshow output format for unending reservations.
NetworkComputer 7906   Fixed issue that caused global namespace variables in the vnc_policy.tcl file to not be seen by the Tcl interpreter without adding a global call.
WorkloadAccelerator 7820 21173 Fixed case in WX where users first jobs do not run when they are submitted with "-f file".
WorkloadAccelerator 7890 21478 Fixed issue where WX limits were not being defined correctly.
WorkloadAccelerator 6314   Documented the requirement to include LSFqueue: <queueName> in the resource specification in order to direct jobs to a specific LSF queue when using LSF as the base scheduler.
WorkloadAccelerator 7744 20975 Enabled additional health check procedures, which can be used to monitor for errant conditions in the compute environment or the workload, such as jobs that have been queued or running for longer than desired.
WorkloadAccelerator 6281   Added VOVELASTICD(maxQueueErrors) setting, defaulting to 10, that will cause the vovelasticd daemon to stop attempting launcher submissions when the number of consecutive launcher submission failures to the back-end queue exceed the setting. Both a system alert, as well as a vovelasticd log file entry, will be generated during this condition. Most often, this is related to a misconfigured queue. The daemon will resume normal operation once the configuration files have changed to correct the issue.