2019.01 Update 3 Release

New Features and Enhancements

The following new features and enhancements were introduced this software release:
Product Internal Number Case Number Description
All VOV-10550   Added inline documentation for the default vovcleanup config file, cleanup.config.tcl.
All VOV-6577   A new configuration parameter (liverecorder.logdir) has been added to allow the Live Recorder recording file directory to be specified. This can be used with both the vovservermgr configure and vovslavemgr configure utilities.

The default location for the server remains $SWD/../. The default location for the slave remains /tmp.

All VOV-9639, VOV-9640   Improved the functional relationship between the refresh operation and the reporting operations of the vovprocessmgr utility, improved the help text for all options that needed clarification, added warnings about timing and accuracy, and added host filter support to the refresh operation for orphans.
All VOV-9454 23741 Most of the VOV Tcl files from the installation package now contain a proper Altair copyright statement.
Accelerator Plus VOV-9862 24090 Fixed a bug that was causing waitreasons to be empty for buckets that are being updated but their jobs cannot be dispatched to slaves.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10019   Added new parameter in vovwxd /config.tcl CONFIG(limit,mode) that allows Accelerator Plus to properly handle the -limit option of wx run. Refer to config.tcl for more information.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10569 23888 Removed call to vovtcpkill from within the vovserver failover script.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this software release:
Product Internal Number Case Number Description
All   24362 Fixed a bug when vovserver incorrectly reports about license expiration for perpetual license.
All   23689 Added a new time value trace parameter: preemption.rule.cooldown. Preemption rules that are disabled due to exceeding the max preemption processing time (preemption.max.time.rule) will observe a cooldown period equal to the value specified by preemption.rule.cooldown before being automatically re-enabled. The minimum value is 0 which indicates that an alert should be generated but the rule will not be disabled. The default and max value is 1y = off (rules will not be automatically re-enabled).
All VOV-10317   Fixed an error that corrupted non-default values for the allowUidForSecurityFile parameter, which in turn could prevent the vovserver from honoring settings in the security file.
All VOV-10665   Fixed an issue in the deprecated vtk_resourcemap_reserve Tcl command that caused an error when attempting to cancel existing reservations by updating the duration to 0 seconds.
All VOV-10239   Simplified switches to avoid user confusion.
All VOV-10726   Fixed an issue that caused the "show all rows" link to not appear in some web UI tables that were being limited. The behavior of this link has also changed slightly, in that when showing all rows, instead of passing the total number of rows the table is cognizant of back into the table as the new limit, a limit of 0 is passed. This triggers the table functionality to show all rows available. To prevent confusion, an empty string is displayed as the current limit value instead of 0. Before this change, the total number of rows was only current at the time the table was build, so the limit passed was often stale and still did not show all rows.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10462 24488 Fixed a bug in vovwxd daemon that was causing it to request only 1 slave at a time for jobs with NC:<queue> resource.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10530 24543 Fixed a bug in vovwxd that was causing it to create only 1 launcher job per buckets processing cycle. The impact of the bug was slow Accelerator Plus job starts due to delays in launching the host job in the base NC queue.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10414 24497 Fixed a bug that was causing vovwxd daemon to run into a infinite loop.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10678 24572 Fixed an issue that caused user-based security rules to eventually stop working on a heavily loaded server.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10205   In Accelerator Plus, a Tcl error occurred in vovnc driver script, for one bucket, will not impact the processing of other buckets. However the error will be reported as an alert, the user should take action accordingly. The failed bucket will be recovered after vovnc.tcl file is updated.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10182 24321 In Accelerator Plus, user will not be able to submit jobs into a locked FairShare group. The FS group must be also locked on Accelerator Plus side as well as on Accelerator queue.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10355, VOV-10353   Job data files have been enabled for Accelerator Plus.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10161   vovresourced is disabled in Accelerator Plus.
Accelerator Plus VOV-9728 24019 wx run can now specify -G parameter for FairShare group. The wxagent job in the base queue will run with the specified group.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10275 24422 Removed syntax error warning from the slave log file