2019.01 Update 4 Release

New Features and Enhancements

The following new features and enhancements were introduced this software release:

Product Internal Number Case Number Description
All VOV-10969   The command vovclientmgr show no longer incorrectly labels clients without "nicknames" as HTTP clients. In addition, the nc command now properly sets a client nickname in all scenarios to allow it to be more easily identified in the output of both vovclientmgr show and vovshow -clients.
All VOV-10864   Added a new trace parameter, enterpriselicense.burst to enable burst licensing for NC/WX in Auto mode. 1=enabled 0=disabled, defaults to disabled.

Cleanup of various presentation errors in web UI license page when switching modes and show more details on current usage/availability for all modes.

Disabled choices for Full and N for the licensing mode in the web UI for non-NC/WX servers.

Accelerator Plus VOV-9520 23779 wxmgr stop -freeze will now force shutdown of WXLauncher if it does not complete a graceful shutdown within 60s to support upgrade operations which require WXLauncher to restart.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10444   The behavior of crash recovery timing has changed. In previous updates, a single server parameter crashRecoveryPeriod dictated the crash recovery period. Crash recovery completed after the crashRecoveryPeriod and the server began normal operation.
Three changes were made:
  1. A bug was fixed that prevented crash recovery ending when all jobs were recovered.
  2. The upper limit on the crashRecoveryPeriod parameter was changed to 30m.
  3. Two new server parameters were added to enable a more flexible approach to crash recovery timing.

At any stage, if all jobs are recovered, crash recovery will end.

If a vovslave reconnects during a 'quiet time' before crash recovery ends, the crash recovery deadline will be extended by this 'quiet time'. The quiet time is specified by the crashRecoveryQuietTime server parameter.

The crashRecoveryMaxExtension server parameter specifies an upper limit on the amount by which the deadline is extended. The parameters can be set in policy.tcl. The ranges and default values are as follows:

# min 30s, max 1800s

VovServerConfig crashRecoveryPeriod 60

# min 0, max 300

VovServerConfig crashRecoveryQuietTime 30

# min 0s, max 1800s

VovServerConfig crashRecoveryMaxExtension 60

If desired, the original crash recovery behavior can be restored by setting the crashRecoveryMaxExtension parameter to zero. Appropriate settings for these parameters will depend on the particular site configuration and needs.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in 2019.01 Update 4 software release.
Product Internal Number Case Number Description
All VOV-10999   Fixed issue that prevented the show all rows link from working on the buckets web UI page. Previously, using this link would result in an empty table as opposed to showing all available rows.
All VOV-10350   All installers/SFDs now reject installation paths that contain spaces.
All VOV-10427 24510 This ticket addressed three issues that affected crash recovery.

The first was a race condition that occurred when a vovslave connected to a restarted server. If the vovslave license authorization happened to be checked during a very small interval the result was that the vovslave was destroyed.

The second was that 'hog protection' was inadvertently applied to vovslaves during crash recovery with the result that reconnection of vovslaves after a serve restart could be delayed until crash recovery period had ended. (This compounded the first issue during crash recovery.)

The third issue was cosmetic and resulted an a Tcl stack trace if the vovserver took too long to respond while restarting. The database queries (vtk_select_loop) parameters were adjusted to lengthen the response period.

Also see the release notes for VOV-10444 for pertinent crash recovery parameters.

All VOV-10221 24265, 24417 vovserver failover recovery has been enhanced to try for the recovery on all the configured server candidates.
All VOV-9902   Prevent vovserver and child processes from exiting when Ctrl-C is pressed in the Windows command prompt from which the server was started.
All VOV-11126 24961 The description of the RAMUSED slave resource was updated for better clarity on usage.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10862   Behavioral change; remaining slaves in base queues that have been removed will not be filtered from wait reasons.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10557 24557 The Linux priority/"nice level" of jobs running via Accelerator Plus will now have the same priority as jobs running directly on Accelerator for the same Accelerator/Accelerator Plus designated execution priority. Use nc/wx run -p <scheduling priority>.<execution priority> ... to set the execution priority.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10117 24291 Fixed race condition when a job arrives while a slave is shutting down due to exceeding its maxIdle setting. The job will now be rescheduled instead of failing.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10273   If the server configuration parameter failover.usefailoverslavegrouponly is set (default 0), then only failover slaves participate in server election. By default all slaves participate, which may cause excessive file traffic with many slaves (particularly exacerbated by Accelerator Plus).

The server election 'voting' period in seconds can be overridden by the server configuration parameter failover.maxdelaytovote (default 120).

Accelerator Plus VOV-10033 24060 Jobs using shared memory should no longer see incorrect ram usage spikes when child processes terminate.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10705 24632 Fixed bug that masked the number of queued slave requests when Accelerator Plus was calculating how many more slaves to request and under some conditions resulted in more slaves requested than there were jobs in the bucket. Also fixed the use of quota with slave launching via arrays so that the array parameter correctly applies the quota.
Accelerator Plus VOV-11113   vovwxd will now log the time for a service loop at log level 3. The time of the latest loop will be updated in the property WXLoopTime.
Accelerator Plus VOV-11112   The WX_BUCKET_SERVICE_TS property will be updated more frequently to show activity on heavily loaded Accelerator Plus queue.