2019.01 Update 7 Release Notes

Product(s) Internal Issue Case Number Description
All VOV-12584   Session and process group IDs 0 and 1 will not cause cause all process with those ids to be included in the process graph used for job statistics.
All VOV-13023  
  • Prevent vovslave from growing beyond the configured maximum capacity whenthe job in the last slot becomes suspended.
  • Allow for maximum capacity to be configured on a running slave even when thecapacity value is not changing.
  • Support the full capacity specification format in wxagent via the CONFIG(slave,slots) parameter.
  • Do not automatically mark a wxagent job as suspended if one of its child processes become suspended.
Accelerator VOV-12707 CS0131356 Curly braces can now be used in environment specifications as a means of supporting characters that would normally be sensitive to the processing of the specification. For example, to pass a comma into an environment variable value using the D environment, use D(FOO={bar,baz}), or via the alternative syntax of D,FOO={bar,baz}.
Accelerator VOV-12628 CS0127402 Fixed a bug where License: was prepended the resource name if the resource parameter was specified in vtk_flexlm_monitor, even if the resource name already started with License:.
Accelerator VOV-12726 CS0133891 The vovcleanup utility has been updated to work with resource data files using the .res suffix.
Accelerator VOV-12489   Fix for cleaning up the files created today when vovcleanup is run before noon and cleantime is < 24h. Previously, these files were not being removed by vovcleanup.
Accelerator VOV-12977 CS0143428 Fixed an issue with interactive jobs (nc run -I) failing with the error message "Job has problems with PTY. Bad pipes".
Accelerator VOV-12030 CS0120906,CS0121020 Fixed issue that caused slaves to be killed with the message "Slave instructed to exit brutally". This also fixes server messages like "Cannot find slave rdc-cad-svr12 (illegal id 365667285) pid=32830"
Accelerator VOV-12396 CS0121165 Multiple CORES, RAM, and TMP resources requested for NC job are properly combinednow when passed to container. For example "nc run -r+ RAM/100 -r+ RAM/200 ..." will result in setting "VOV_CONTAINER_RAM=300" available from Container Hook scripts.
Accelerator VOV-9776 24061 The form for submitting a slave reservation now checks that the data is valid before actually submitting the reservation.
Accelerator VOV-8012 21662, CS0121063 VOV_LM_VARNAMES functionality will now be available for interactive jobs and will support multiple license servers in colon or semicolon (windows) separated list instead of space separated list.
Accelerator,Accelerator Plus VOV-13051 CS0121039 Fixed an issue with interactive jobs (nc run -I) failing with error messages similar to"Error=98: Address already in use [vovttyserver2:244]" and "FATAL ERROR: Cannot open PTY port (with remote signal handling): Cannot open pty server sockets [vncrun.tcl:2257]". This is accompanied by job errors similar to "Cannot connect to PTY server on submission host lava1 13316 Z@:x=XGa56cT_Hd6 from lava5".
Accelerator,Accelerator Plus VOV-13038 CS0145428
  • Fixed issue that prevented shared memory lookup from being disabled if the VOV_SHARED_MEMORY_LOOKUP_DISABLED environment variable was set.
  • Support configurability of job statistics calculation interval via the pre-existingcomposite-value -U option to vovslave, as well as the vtk_slave_* calls. The composite value format is a CSV list of timespecs, in order of resource updates (slave heartbeat), slave statistics, and job statistics.
  • Support the composite-value for the -U option in the vovwxd configuration via the CONFIG(slave,update) parameter.
Accelerator,Accelerator Plus VOV-13030 CS0149277 Fixed an issue with Ctrl-C not working as expected with interactive jobs (nc run -I/-Il/-Ir).
Accelerator VOV-11226 24205, CS0128626 Fixed issue that prevented pre and post commands from running as the job user in containerized jobs that make use of container hooks that run as root.
Accelerator, Accelerator Plus VOV-12629 CS0127516 Removed duplicate detection logic from -r+ and -dpres+ submission options. As a result, the -r+ option now properly handles more complex resource specifications.
Accelerator VOV-11000 24853 This change allows DP jobs to assign a separate jobclass to the master and component jobs. It works by setting VOV_JOB_DESC(dp,jobclasses) to a comma separated list of jobclass names the same way that VOV_JOB_DESC(dp,resources) can be set to specify resources. The jobclasses are treated as strings. They are not evaluated as you are already setting these from within a jobclass definition. See the updated Accelerator documentation for further explanation and examples.
Accelerator Plus VOV-12635 CS0128164 Fixed a bug causing a memory access violation in vovserver when multiple slaves are being stopped with running jobs.
Accelerator Plus VOV-12658 CS0124441 vovwxd will no longer print warnings about slaves being in "state 1" (pending).
Accelerator Plus VOV-11836 CS0120725

nc forget using the options -mine, -dir, or -subdir, will no longer forget system jobs bydefault. A new option, -system, will include system jobs to match old behavior. In general, the option -system should not be used when forgetting user jobs in a WX setting because forgetting launcher jobs for slave agents that are not runnable in the batch system before they are processed by vovwxd couild result in lingering queued agent jobs. Using nc forget

-minewithout the -system flag will forget the user submitted jobs and allow vovwxd to more

efficientlyclean up slave agents.

Accelerator Plus VOV-12316 AAP25172

Fixed an issue that caused vovserver memory to grow over time as "nc wait" and "nc run

-w"commands were issued.

Accelerator Plus VOV-13037 CS0147601
  • Prevent vovslave from growing beyond the configured maximum capacity whenthe job in the last slot becomes suspended.
  • Allow for maximum capacity to be configured on a running slave even when thecapacity value is not changing.
  • Support the full capacity specification format in wxagent via the CONFIG(slave,slots) parameter.
  • Do not automatically mark a wxagent job as suspended if one of its child
FlowTracer VOV-12571   vovwxd configuration parameters CONFIG(launchers,autoForgetSuccessful) and CONFIG(aunchers,autoForgetFailed) will now work regardless of the CONFIG(log,level) setting. The defaults for these settings has been changed to "0s". Either of these values should only be set to non-zero when debugging slave launch issues to avoid additional server overhead.
FlowTracer VOV-12570   Using local resources in FlowTracer with an LSF Base queue will now correctly account for local resources when using array launcher submission.
FlowTracer VOV-12569   FlowTracer Local resources will now be properly released in the case of an LSF launch failure.
FlowTracer VOV-12455 CS0121195 This fix addresses issues handling files larger than 2G in size in the flow.
FlowTracer VOV-12620   vovwxd now supports LSF array jobs when getting the status of launcher jobs submitted to the queue.
FlowTracer VOV-12261   License:*resources will now be properly passed to the base queue when using FlowTracer with vovwxd.
FlowTracer VOV-12203 CS0120999 Re-evaluation of a job class to compute the union of resources when used with an indirect slave (slaveVNC) is no longer done. This is typically relevant for FlowTracer integration with either Accelerator (NC) or AcceleratorPlus (WX). To restore the old behavior, please contact Altair support.
FlowTracer VOV-11873   To enable resources to be managed locally by FlowTracer when using an LSF backend via vovwxd enable the vovwxd.localresources parameter in the policy file and create the resources in FlowTracer using the vtk_resourcemap_set -local parameter.
Monitor VOV-12575   Fixed handling of mixed-case user names on Windows to always honor the case reportedby the OS. On Windows, the case used at login time will be the case used when obtaining the active user from the OS and when applying security. It is therefore recommended for users to always use the same case when logging into Windows. Otherwise, a separate vtk_security entry will be required for each case used (such as for joe, Joe, and JOE), and those user names will be considered as different users. Prior to this change, for a mixed-case username, the default security entry was for the user name in lower-case only, resulting in a security mismatch if the user logged into the web UI with the same case used to login to Windows itself.
Monitor VOV-12294 CS0121092 Suppressed below server log for loopback IP addresses. vovserver(3956) ERROR Jun 1200:04:28 Found host with different ip: instead of [host:903]