2019.01 Update 7 Patch 2

Product(s) Internal Issue Case Number Description
All VOV-13629 CS0186671, CS0192772, CS0194045 Fixed an issue where a failed PTY connection for a job would cause subsequent jobs on the slave to fail as long as the original job was still running, and in some cases, the slave could become unresponsive.
All VOV-13346 CS0164333, CS0186238 Fixed an issue where a redirect in the nginx configuration would cause vovresourced to crash.
All VOV-13553 CS0185082, CS0191010 Remove the need to call vtk_flexlm_monitor_all -reset).

No longer make redundant calls to process license data.

No longer start voveventmon when vovresourced is called with the -initjobclass parameter.