2022.1.1 Release Notes

New Features

Internal Number Products Case Number Description
VOV-7819 Accelerator 21323 Add to vovselect the capability to specify more FIELD.X items. Added RESOURCES.<RESNAME> to estimate the requested resource value of RESNAME. Added GRABBEDRESOURCES.<RESNAME> which returns the current value of RESNAME in a job's grabbed resources. Similarly, SOLUTION.<RESNAME> returns the value of RESNAME in a job's solution.
VOV-9389 Accelerator AAP23445 The doTestHealthTooManyOutOfQueueJobs health check was enhanced to allow @USER@ as a valid recipient.
VOV-11252 Accelerator Plus AAP25064 vovwxd was modified to use the CONFIG(slave,setName) parameter instead of a constant "WXTaskers:<wxQueue>" set name.
VOV-13421 All None In an upcoming major release of Accelerator Products, the vovselect * wildcard select feature will be dropped. To prepare for this change, users should update scripts and REST requests to issue vovselect requests using a specified list of field names.
For example:
nc cmd vovselect statusnc,id,command from jobs
An easy way to find out what fields are in an object type is by using vovselect fieldname. For example:
nc cmd vovselect fieldname from jobs
VOV-13912 All CS0202834 Fixed an issue with daily log rotation of auto-started daemons.
VOV-14232 All CS0238414 Clarified log messaging when the saving of trace database and/or metrics data is taking longer than expected.
VOV-14449 Accelerator Plus CS0222621 Added CONFIG(failedAgentsCooldownPeriod) parameter for vovwxd that allows you to continue to request agents after the specified period for a bucket that had failed agent jobs. Format is a time specification, a value of 0 disables this feature.
VOV-14451 Allocator CS0255747
  1. Resources - Plot: legend will not overlap the following plot. To solve this, will be displayed in more than one column if needed.
  2. Overview: resource name and all sites columns are fixed in case there are horizontal scroll because the entries in the table are bigger than the visible screen
  3. Overview: table sorting in descending order
  4. Resources - Summary: Table sorting in descending order
VOV-14978 Hero None The Licensing section of the online help has been updated and improved with recent Altair License Manager (ALM) licensing changes.
VOV-15010 Hero None The Altair Hero online documentation has been updated to reflect the changes in functionality and features.
VOV-15085 Monitor None Sorting the File Systems & Process Summary table in Monitor by clicking the header of each column, will sort the table in place in the current working tab, instead of creating a new browser tab with the table sorted.
VOV-15104 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus None The SDS Configuration documentation has been updated to reflect the newly added "enable_jobdata" feature.
VOV-15149 Hero None The following targets were added to the Palladium emulators: BRD144, BRD72, BRD48, BRD36, BRD24, BRD18, BRD16, BRD12, BRD9, BRD8, BRD6, BRD5, BRD4, BRD3, BRD2 and BRD1. Thes targets correspond to placements with the corresponding number of boards. For example, if the emulator is configured with a group named PZ1, then a job for a Palladium with 8 racks would use the resource HERO:PZ1_BRD144. The placement rules are restrictive and will evolve with experience.
VOV-15150 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus None The Accelerator and Accelerator Plus subserver feature has been retired. This feature provided one way of optimizing load on vovserver. Other modern optimization methods will be used for vovserver performance and scalability going forward.
VOV-15206 All None Added description of Security Level = ANYBODY in the online documentation.
VOV-15254 All None Implemented a new event to Kafka on job delete based on topic 'vov-jobdata' allowing these events to be correctly ordered with others for the same job.
VOV-15326 All None Bundled the Altair License Manager server components with the Accelerator Products installation media.
VOV-15408 Accelerator None FAIRSHARE_WEIGHTS within job class definitions are no longer supported. Use vovfsgroup modify FSGROUP.user weight W instead.

Resolved Issues

Internal Number Products Case Number Description
VOV-13165 Accelerator CS0127745, CS0172968 With vovreconciled active, there were cases when license usage counts that were growing during a job's execution, but the correct license grab counts were not being set for the job.
VOV-14407 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus None Fixed issue that prevented the preemption of wxagent jobs when using Direct Drive.
VOV-14533 Accelerator None Add more documentation about multiphase jobs and their dependency on autoRescheduleCount.
VOV-14557 Monitor CS0282491 Fixed issue with removing a license checkout from within the web UI.
VOV-14586 Accelerator CS0285073 The default values of the FairShare group "/" weight & window values were restored to the 2019.01 values.
VOV-14663 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus None Add documentation for the TLS 1.2 and 1.3 configuration parameters that affect the protocols supported by the internal webserver for REST and HTTP requests.
VOV-14822 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0309335, CS0314259 Fixed issue causing nc wait -dir to wait for jobs in other directories.
VOV-14824 All None Fix a DOS vulnerability in vovserver's base webserver from nefarious large HTTP requests.
VOV-14874 FlowTracer None Fixed issue that affected the ability to stop jobs running on an indirect tasker:
  1. Jobs may appear stopped, but will actually continue to run.
  2. A second stop request may cause the tasker to go into a BUSY state for several seconds while the tasker reconciles the fact that the job is still running.
VOV-14959 Accelerator Plus CS0267206 Fixed a bug in vovwxd that caused an infinite loop due to a deleted "top job" of a bucket.
VOV-14969 All None Change description of fields in Admin licensing page when ALM is used.
VOV-14976 Accelerator None Fixed issue that caused the primary license feature to be blank on the licensing web UI page for the first hour after starting up a vovserver that is using node-locked ALM licensing.
VOV-15056 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus, FlowTracer None Fixed issue that prevented the -m option from being used to request a specific host in the bsub emulation command.
VOV-15064 All None Improved structure and clarity is added to the documentation about vovserver configuration parameters.
VOV-15088 Accelerator CS0330199 Taskers that lose connection with their vovserver will no longer treat a hostname lookup error as critical and exit, but will continue trying to reconnect to the vovserver on a periodic basis. This adds resilience in networks where vovserver is hosted on a VM or a container that has been restarted, and where dynamic DNS removes hostname entries when the VM or container are down.
VOV-15092 Accelerator None All phases of multiphase jobs now correctly run at the same priority.
VOV-15093 Accelerator None A problem parsing -mpres1 XXX -mpres2 YYY -mpresN ZZZ was fixed when running multiphase jobs.
VOV-15099 Monitor None New feature introduced in Monitor Administrator page. In the actions column of the "Edit Monitors" table, a new action has been introduced. This action is only available for monitor definitions prescribed in the config.tcl file. Clicking the button with the icon file will bring up the config.tcl file in a browser environment. Any modifications made to this file through the browser will be persisted to the actual file as well. Monitors that were originally prescribed in the config.tcl can only be edited or removed, either by directly modifying the config.tcl through a text editor, or by using the "Edit config.tcl" action in the actions column of the table.
VOV-15100 Monitor None The new Monitor web UI front page is enhanced to display the Altair Monitor product name.
VOV-15106 Accelerator Plus CS0325511 Fixed issue causing nc wait to exit with error "Failed subcommand wait: Illegal object id".
VOV-15112 All None Updated Kafka Job events with additional data.
VOV-15122 Monitor None Fix a problem in the Monitor web UI in the Network > Process > Details page whereby sorting by some of the columns in the table would display an error.
VOV-15140 Monitor None Able to sort by the time related column in the processes table in LM web UI.
VOV-15144 Monitor None Change the look and feel of the Host details page in LM web UI to match the recent re-skin.
VOV-15148 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus None Fixed issue causing nc wait to exit with error can't read "jInfo(exit)": no such element in array.
VOV-15151 Accelerator, Allocator None Fixed issue with SetMinQuantity causing jobs to run despite no allocated licenses on NC site.
VOV-15152 FlowTracer None In some extraordinary circumstances, if a dialog box was closed by pressing "x" button, the entire vovconsole would crash. This has been fixed.
VOV-15172 Monitor None The number of columns in the grid view in Current Utilization Overview page will always be compliant with the preferred number of columns that the user has selected.
VOV-15174 Accelerator None Documentation is added in the REST Tutorial to explain when TLS 1.2 support must be enabled for REST python client programs running on CentOS 7.
VOV-15190 Allocator CS0334264 Fixed issue server config 'maxResMap' update is not reflected in the resource map which is resulting following error messages:
vovserver(54840) ERROR Jun 15 16:22:58 Resource map id not found for resource License:111. 
vovserver(54840) ERROR Jun 15 16:22:58 LA:countJobs:Resource License:111 020193489 without a resmap 
VOV-15194 Accelerator Plus CS0341461 Job limits can now have periods in them. For example, if a user has a username of "test.user", a command such as this is now allowed:
wx -q $WXQ run -r Limit:@USER@_foo_1 -- sleep 0
VOV-15219 All None Auto-trimming of PostgreSQL database is disabled by default.
VOV-15222 All None Fixed the vovshow -licenses output when ALM is enabled.
VOV-15245 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0325511 Updated nc wait to filter event by jobid when waiting on 10 or less jobs.
VOV-15283 Accelerator CS0351032 Support was added for FIPS enabled hosts on CentOS and other RHEL based hosts.
VOV-15292 All None Some issues dealing with HTTP requests with headers larger than 4K have been addressed. The internal HTTP server now accepts HTTP requests with a total header size up to 16K.
VOV-15305 Accelerator CS0349956 HTTP x-www-form-urlencoded POST data that's passed to CGI pages via temp files is now encrypted with a random key that changes for each request.
VOV-15310 Accelerator Plus CS0355127 Fixed a crash where an ambigious "vovquery select id from 9" results in an object lookup that vovquery doesn't support.
VOV-15315 Monitor None Fix wrongful description of action in alerts page of LM.
VOV-15332 Accelerator CS0318230 Raw power calculations for taskers has been increased from 2.1 million to 2147483647. If the calculated raw power is greater than this number, it will be clipped to 2147483647 rather than being allowed to become negative due to an integer overflow. A warning will appear in the tasker's log indicating that the rawpower exceeded this value and was "clipped" to the max allowable value.
VOV-15334 All None Updated Kafka Job events with additional data.
VOV-15398 Monitor None In LM Detailed Plots fixed:
  1. 1. In the treemap now all rectangles are visible, nothing is cut off.
  2. In the treemap legend nothing is cut off, everything is aligned and the records are ordered in decreasing order.
VOV-15482 Monitor CS0332038 Monitor's batch reports are using the same version charts like the ones found in the browser setting by default. The use of the command line utility remains the same. However, in order to extract the charts and convert them to static images new requirements have been set in place. Node v14 or greater is required to have been installed on the machine and be available in the path environment variable. In addition, manually reverting the LM configuration parameter "lookAndFeel" to its previous value will result to image extraction failure.
VOV-15497 All None Fixed issue in single-mode license accounting.